Friday, May 10, 2013

Paula's Choice Browlistic Brow Color in Light Brown Review

One of the products I decided to try out with my Paula's Choice credit from winning their contest is the Browlistic brow pen. I selected the shade "Light Brown" after talking to Amy, a Paula's Choice specialist who is super-sweet and knowledgable, and being told that it's not overly warm, which is always a concern for me because brow products that lean red/orange look absolutely awful on me. Browlistic is a pen with a flexible tip the shape of a fine-tipped brush (about the size and shape of the MAC 210) that dispenses just the right amount of liquid color to the skin and hair where you apply it.

I've only been using it for two days, but so far, I like it a lot. I simply sweep it on in light brushstrokes that follow the shape and direction of my natural brow hairs, and it shows up nicely without looking overdone, even up close. Browlistic does seem to have a bit of a learning curve since I'm used to using pencils or powders, but I think it's workable even for a beginner. When I screw up and put it on my skin where I don't want it, I quickly wipe it off that spot with a fingertip or q-tip and it disappears. I have a few seconds to do little "fixes" like that before it dries and sets, which is just the right amount of time so I can erase mistakes but not so long that I'm liable to mess up the color once it's done and I want it to stay put. After it's dry, I lightly run a brow brush through the hairs to help it "settle in" and look even more natural. If there are any spots that look sparse, I just lightly touch the pen to them one more time to fill them in. Browlistic is definitely a buildable product.

Here are my brows without any color or product on them:

And in the context of a full-face look (it's weird with "no" brows, I know):

And here are my brows with the Browlistic brow pen applied to them and no other products on them:

And again, in the context of the full-face look:

I think the Light Brown color is slightly warmer than the other brow products I use, which lean more ashy, but only enough that I'd call it neutral-toned, not enough that it's uncomfortably orange-looking to me. It also seems like it adheres more easily to my skin and hair than my usual brow powder (Anastasia). I love that it stays put until I am ready to remove it; as a test, I just tried rubbing my fingers back and forth over my brows to see if any would wipe off, and it didn't budge. I haven't used this long enough yet that I can say how long the product will last before it runs out, and the packaging makes it impossible to tell how much product is remaining in the pen, but I suspect I will be able to get a decent amount of use out of it if I store it upside-down. So, leaving out any judgment on how much use I can get out of the product since I don't know that yet, I can say that I definitely recommend this product! Browlistic retails for $10 and is sold on the Paula's Choice website.

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  1. It looks very natural on you! Color me impressed.

    1. Thanks! I did build it up a moderate amount, so I think you could even create more natural or still-more defined than this if you wanted to. It seems like a remarkably versatile product to me, as brow color products go!

  2. Your skin is flawless!!! I love how subtle yet defined your brows look. The wearing sounds great too. I guess this could be my next brow gadget after Tom Ford brow sculptor.


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