Friday, April 19, 2013

Please vote so I can do a big giveaway!

Hi friends!

Some of you have seen this picture before of my baby, Spock. I've entered us into a contest with this picture and, if we get the most votes from now through May 1, I win a $1500 Paula's Choice gift card. As many of you know, I LOVE Paula's Choice products and would love to share some of their products with you. So, please vote for me, and if I win I promise to do a huge giveaway open to readers worldwide with multiple winners and a ton of Paula's Choice products - the winners can choose what they want to try!

You can vote for us HERE. You need to have a Facebook account to vote, but don't need to add any apps or "like" any pages; just follow the link above and then click "Vote" on Spock's picture ("Liking" it doesn't count as a vote). Thank you! :)

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  1. Just voted!


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