Sunday, April 14, 2013

GiGi Hair Removal Cream for Legs Review

I just know I can't be the only woman out there who entirely or almost-entirely eschews shaving her legs in the colder months of the year. You all know what I'm talking about - and that first time you try to shave after, "oh, I guess it's been a while," it takes FOR-FREAKING-EVER. And then there's the issue of turning a brand-new razor cartridge into a dead, completely spent razor cartridge in one use when you try to use it to remove a month's worth of leg hair growth at once. The whole process is bad enough to stop you from wanting to shave again for another month, am I right? And the whole cycle begins again.

Enter GiGi Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Legs. I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to try a depilatory, despite warnings from friends online that they can sting, burn, you name it... I figured if I researched enough, I'd find one whose reviews generally indicated it was a safe bet. And I did! I bought the GiGi Hair Removal Cream at Sally Beauty Supply for $7. It comes with the depilatory cream and a "Calming Balm":

Great. So I tried it out a couple of times, and thought I'd report back to you. The directions say to apply a thick layer over the area from which you wish to remove hair and leave on for 5-8 minutes, then rub the skin with a damp washcloth to remove the cream and hair. I should also mention that I only used this on my calves. My hair on my thighs is baby-fine and blonde, so I ignore it most of the time, and I'm way too much of a baby to try this on my bikini area. At least for now, anyway. I also wore gloves because I didn't know how my hands would react to the cream.

- No pain or stinging during application or after removal.
- The cream did successfully remove the majority of the hair on my legs after 8 minutes.
- The calming balm worked really well. My skin didn't hurt, but it did have an odd feeling of extra sensitivity, which the balm took care of nicely. It also helped neutralize the residual smell (see below).

- The cream didn't remove my hair as well after 5 minutes; I had to wait the full 8 minutes.
- The smell wasn't awful, but it wasn't pleasant either. Boyfriend commented that our bathroom smelled like burned hair for a few hours after I was done. The smell would have remained on my legs, but the calming balm helped with that.
- I was still left with just a few longer hairs and a small amount of stubble after using the cream. It wasn't bad, but the cream definitely did not give me perfectly smooth, freshly-shaven-feeling legs, either.
- The tube is really very small and not particularly economical for its $7 price tag. To give you an idea of scale, my tube of toothpaste has three times as much product in it as the GiGi Hair Removal Cream does. I used half the tube each time, so one tube was exactly enough for me to remove the hair from my calves only twice. My thighs are larger than my calves, so I think if I wanted to do my entire legs, I would definitely need a full tube, maybe even need a tube and a half.

In short, the cream made the process of removing a large amount of leg hair much simpler and less arduous than I've come to expect, but it definitely doesn't replace the need to shave for me. I wouldn't recommend relying on this as your sole method of hair removal if you like to have smooth, soft legs. However, if you also find yourself facing that ugly process of shaving for the first time in weeks or months, I would recommend GiGi Hair Removal Cream as a first step. Use it to remove 95% of the hair, then take care of the rest with a few quick sweeps of your razor. I did this myself, and didn't experience any pain or discomfort from shaving shortly after using the cream.

For that specific purpose, I am certain I will repurchase this product. (Or maybe next time I'll try their Hair Removal Lotion, which comes in a much larger size than the Cream for about the same price. Readers, have any of you tried that one?)


  1. i have been trying so many hair removal methods at home but always kept failing. this seems okay to try i guess! just followed you :) would love a follow back :)

  2. I always have a hard time finding hair removal cream that actually does what the bottle says. With all the work you have to do to get smooth legs I think it's a lot cheaper and faster to just shave my legs! lol

    Loved this post! Check out my blog for all things beauty and beyond :)

    hope to hear from you! :)


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