Monday, March 4, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Careless Whisper + a brief update

Hi friends! Sorry I haven't been blogging quite as much lately. My job has been keeping me busy, and at home, I have been trying to spend less of my spare time blogging and more of it exercising and cooking healthy meals. (It's working - I am 10 pounds down so far!) Now, though, I am on a "staycation" for a week - YAY! - and I am working on some exciting things to share with you: a fab giveaway; my first joint post with another artist/makeup lover, showcasing lots of looks on both of us with a palette we both adore; and another blog sale, which I will alert you all about right away when it's up. I am going to try to have all three of these posted within the week. We'll see how that goes! I may end up interspersing these with other posts that require less writing, editing, and prep work if I start losing my mind. :)

ANYWAY! Here is Deborah Lippmann Careless Whisper, which I saw on The Beauty Look Book and decided I must try. I swatched the tester on one nail at Nordstrom, decided after about two minutes that I couldn't wait for their trend show in a few weeks to take it home with me, and bought it on the spot. I put it on the next day and have just been loving it since!

I don't know how to describe the color... peachy-pinky-champagney-beigey-goodness? The shimmer is delicate but clearly visible, not at all "hidden," but neither is it frosty or streaky at all. These pictures were taken after two days of wear - as you can see, there is slight tip wear but no chipping. If you can stomach my dry cuticles, I encourage you to click the second image to view full-size so you can see the shimmer! I was able to achieve opaque coverage in three thin coats, but if you prefer, I think two thick coats would have the same effect. As with most Deborah Lippmann polishes I've tried, Careless Whisper was super smooth and easy to apply.

I have to say that I think this is a polish that looks more flattering on me in real life than in the pictures. It's a bit of a chameleon, looking like my skin tone (as it does above) in some lighting situations and looking like a girly pink or a pale rose-gold in others. When I look at my hands, I want to breathe out a little "squee!" at how elegant and pretty my nails look, despite my preference for keeping them at a longer length than this. Love it!


  1. Wauu..this color is so great. I love nude nailpolishes. They are perfect for any occasion and and any season. I'll have to look for this one :)
    I have browsed through couple of your posts and I really liked what I saw so I followed you :)
    Come check out my blog and if you like it you can follow me too on GFC or FB but you totaly don't have to :)
    Anyways, I'll be coming here more often. You have an amazing blog :D
    Greatings from Sarajevo <3
    Lejla <3

    Btw. there's a giveaway on my blog so feel free to enter :)

  2. So pretty! I thnk this may be my first DL polish....


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