Sunday, February 24, 2013

TokyoMilk Honey and the Moon No. 10 Parfum Review

A couple of months ago, I was desperately searching for something to buy on Apothica (a.k.a. SkinCareRx and SkinBotanica - they are three linked sites with different product/brand aesthetics and one shopping cart) with a gift certificate that was soon to expire. I am very indecisive when shopping online unless I know what I want ahead of time - I can hem and haw for days or weeks about what I should get! However, when I stumbled across the TokyoMilk fragrances on Apothica, I knew I had my answer in their Eau de Parfum No. 10, Honey and the Moon. For the first time in my life, I ordered a fragrance without even bothering to smell it in person first!

Why would I do that, you may ask? Well, because this is one of my all-time favorite songs:

... before you judge me too harshly, allow me to tell you that while I am now aware this song was featured in the pilot episode of The O.C., I have never seen that show and I found the song through Pandora. :)

So how do I like the fragrance, you wonder? Well, I am so happy I took a chance on it! I'd never tried anything by TokyoMilk before, but had heard recommendations for their products, and I have to say now that I think everything I've heard is true. Honey and the Moon is an absolutely unique fragrance in my collection, and every morning I put it on, I hope someone will ask me that day what I'm wearing so I can tell them about it.

According to the TokyoMilk website (and the bottle - love that!), Honey and the Moon contains notes of sweet honey, sugared violet, jasmine, and sandalwood. I have to say that I appreciate the simplicity of this combination. I am not talented at sniffing out and identifying individual notes in a fragrance, so more complicated ones with ten different top, middle, and bottom notes often end up smelling more like a category to me than a combination of individual pieces: "this is a fruity floral," or "this seems sort of Oriental." With Honey and the Moon, the notes blend together harmoniously and yet I am still able to identify each one.

When first sprayed, the sweet honey note is definitely predominant, but I can clearly smell the violet and sandalwood as well. The jasmine, I feel, is much quieter. The imagery this evokes for me is of a ballet with the sweet honey on center stage, the violet and sandalwood dancing together in the background, and the jasmine pulling it all together by directing from the side of the stage. The notes feel authentic, not synthetic or sharp. As the scent fades throughout the day, I smell less of the violet and jasmine, while the sweet honey smell remains with the sandalwood playing a supporting role.

Honey and the Moon is both sweet and earthy, both girly and mature. I do find this scent lasts for a full eight hours on me before I find myself wanting to reapply, while most other fragrances I own only last about four. I am comfortable wearing it to work, out with friends, or on a date. It works for me as a winter fragrance, but I can't wait to see how it changes and feels to me in the middle of summertime. As long as you like the idea of smelling like honey, I absolutely must recommend this scent. You can purchase it here.

Disclaimer: this was purchased using a store credit awarded to me as a sponsorship of this blog. All opinions are true and my own.

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