Friday, February 15, 2013

Softsoap Heavenly Vanilla Body Hydrating Wash Review

Body washes are one of the few products on the market for which I don't think I have any preference between whether I use one from a drugstore, a snobby brand (ha!) or something in between. I've found ones I love that run me about $6, or $0.60/oz (like Essence of Beauty Sunblossom, reviewed here) and others I love that are closer to $15, or $1.79/oz (Victoria's Secret Heavenly, reviewed here... and there's Soap & Glory Clean on Me, reviewed here, which is $14 but for 16.2 oz so less per ounce). I also probably wouldn't hesitate to snag one that smells good for even less at a drugstore or for more at, say, Nordstrom - I am an equal opportunity buyer of body washes!

With that out of the way, I have to say that SoftSoap Body Butter Heavenly Vanilla is one of my favorites across the board, all price ranges taken into consideration. It will run you about $5 for 15 oz (only $0.33/oz!) and to put it simply, it smells and feels AMAZING. It has an opaque ivory color and a thick, lotiony texture, far from watery or "gel-like." Surprisingly, it still pours easily out of the bottle when you want it to, and it lathers beautifully. Its scent is a rich, pure vanilla that doesn't smell at all artificial to me and that comforts me deeply, especially during cold winters. I have trouble with eczema on a couple of areas of my body, and when I consistently wash with SoftSoap Heavenly Vanilla using a soft loofah or washcloth, it helps to reduce my itchiness in those areas. My skin feels a little bit more hydrated after I use this, but not so much more that it would feel like overkill to use lotion afterward; it does rinse clean.

This is one product I highly recommend, especially if you love vanilla scents. As I've said in past posts, there are many shower products I genuinely do like but for whatever reason get bored with before I finish the bottle, so it ends up feeling like a chore to finish off the last little bit. I've just finished off my second bottle of SoftSoap Heavenly Vanilla, and at no point while using either of those two bottles did that feeling hit me. It might be a while before I can justify buying another body wash because I currently have a stockpile to get through, but you can be sure I will repurchase this one again in the future. Where I live, it is available in some drugstores but not all, so try the ones near you with the widest selection, or buy online here.

Readers, what are your favorite body washes and why? Please tell me about them! :)


  1. I can tolerate a vanilla scent if it's good-vanilla, like vanilla bean, and not disgusting chemically vanilla, like MAC lipsticks, so this makes me curious!

    1. Hi Koushi :) I would definitely categorize this as a "good" vanilla; it does not smell at all chemical-y to me. Like most body washes, this doesn't come with a seal on it, so you could pop up the cap and sniff it in the store before buying and see for yourself!


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