Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maybelline Shocking Coral Vivid Lipstick Swatch, Review, and FOTD

This is going to be a brief post because it's not a circumstance in which I feel I have great amounts of gushing to do... I picked up this lipstick at the drugstore because I saw the color on a blog somewhere and the color looked amazing.
Well, the color IS amazing, but I shouldn't have wasted my time or money, simply because I hate the way most Maybelline lipsticks - including this one - smell and feel on my lips. They remind me of Play-Doh in scent and a wee bit in texture, too. If you don't find yourself having the same problems with Maybelline lipsticks, then I would say this one is definitely worth a try. Neon lipsticks are FUN!


And on mah face:

... can you tell I have a case of the Mondays?


  1. Aww that color is so pretty on you! Too bad about the smell - I know what you mean and I don't like it either!

  2. You really rock the bright lips! I hate that Maybelline l/s smell too, which is a shame because they really have some gorgeous colors. I miss the scent of their old Moisture Extreme lippies.

    1. Thanks! OMG, I remember those!!! What a blast from the past :)

  3. You are so pretty in this lipstick! Please, sorry my English, I'm from Czech republic! :)And this lipstick is my MUST HAVE! :) Thanks for pretty swatch!


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