Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Swatches and Review

One of my favorite new products of 2012 was the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge line. The formula of this liquid lipstick is fantastic: these are long-wearing without looking or feeling dry, they apply as smoothly and easily as can be, and there are several lovely, flattering shades. I just wish Shiseido would release more colors! There are several Asia-exclusive shades I am lusting after, too.

For the most part, I feel these are absolute perfection. I am happy to own four shades: RD203 Portrait, RD305 Nymph, RS404 Disco, and RD607 Nocturne. Nocturne is the only one I feel I need to wear a lipliner with, otherwise it feathers slightly, but the other three work perfectly well on their own.

Portrait, Nymph, Disco, and Nocturne
Portrait, Nymph, Disco, and Nocturne
Over the past few months, Nymph has become my go-to lip color when I feel like wearing a rose shade, which is surprisingly often. Portrait is a nice nude on me paired with a warm-toned look, but is too warm for me to pull off when I'm wearing cooler tones on eyes and/or cheeks. Disco looks like it could be dupable with other hot pinks on the market, but despite my love for hot pinks, I own nothing else like it. It screams for attention, so plan to wear Disco without much other color makeup on to compete with it. Nocturne is both one of the hottest and most wearable reds I own. I love it to death; I feel super-sexy with it on!

To see swatches of all eight colors (minus the Asia exclusives), please see my friend Dain's post on her excellent blog Ars Aromatica here. I purchased the four I own from the Shiseido counter at the Downtown Seattle Macy's (206-506-6000).

Have you tried these yet, readers? What do you think of them, and what are your favorite colors?


  1. Hi! I've recently come across Nocturne and am in love with the color. I also noticed the feathering, but can't find a liner to pair it with. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. I pair it with Rimmel Ravish retractable lipliner, from their Exaggerate line :)


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