Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shiseido Beach Grass: Swatches, Review, and FOTD

I don't have a lot of experience with Shiseido eye shadows, but when I saw this trio online, I knew I had to have it. I stalked it until it arrived at my local Macy's counter - I even helped the sales associate open her shipment and find it inside the boxes! She loved the colors in it as much as I did, though, so I don't think she found that weird. :)

Now, the texture of Shiseido eyeshadows is unusual and somewhat foreign to me. They are extremely soft and silky - to touch one literally almost feels like touching a piece of silk fabric. It is very easy to pick up lots of pigment on a brush and it transfers beautifully to the lid and blends like a dream. The only downside to this is that I found the color does not "stick" to my lids quite as well as I would hope, even with primer - lightly rubbing the shadow with a fingertip blends it out like crazy, and rubbing just a little more would remove the shadow almost entirely. But as long as I can carefully keep my hands completely away from my eyes, the lasting power is very good. I think next time I wear this, I will wear it over a slightly thicker and tackier base - something like a Maybelline Color Tattoo - and hope it stays better without my needing to be super-careful.

The colors are absolutely stunning. I would never have thought to piece together the iridescent marigold color with a mauve, but the combination is really spectacular, and the pale beige color works well as a highlight (it is not stark white on me, nor is it too dark for me to use it as a highlight color). I have to say that this is one look that I feel translated better in person than in pictures - looking at the pictures below, I feel sort of "meh," but in person I felt the look was soft and flattering, and one I would wear again.

Please excuse my hair. I don't know what I was thinking, taking pictures with it looking wet and straggly like that! I suppose I was worried about taking any more time and being late to work. :)

Here are the products I used in this look:

Dolce and Gabbana Creamy Foundation in Classic
Guerlain pressed powder
Rock and Republic Bedroom blush
Chanel Poudre Signee highlighter (review soon to come)
Maybelline Define-a-Brow in Dark Blonde
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash Blonde/Taupe - I layer this over the Maybelline pencil
Shiseido Beach Grass eyeshadow trio - marigold shade on the lid; mauve shade in the crease, outer corner, and along the lower lash line; beige shade to highlight
MAC Blacktrack eyeliner - to tightline
Hourglass Film Noir mascara
Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Rubelite (review soon to come) - this looked slightly less pink and more bronze in real life

What do you think? Shiseido eyeshadow lovers, please tell me what your favorite primers/bases to use them over are so they last all day on you with no fuss!


  1. I like the look on you, but it's not a trio I'll try, especially with that texture. I really really like that lip color on you though!

  2. Your swatches immediately caused me to think of Guerlain Turandot. Do you find Shi Beach Grass to be less warm? Turandot was not nice on me...

    1. Hmm... maybe a little less warm, but similar in tone. I think if you have trouble with colors like the marigold, whether you like this or not might depend heavily on how you wear it. As Spooky said on MUA (if you saw that), Shiseido shadows have a more "watercolor"-like effect to them. Turandot is deeper.


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