Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nihrida-inspired FOTD, Complete with Derpface

One of my favorite nail bloggers, Nihrida, also posts makeup looks sometimes, and I am always awestruck by how amazing her eyelashes are. Not only are they naturally perfect, she knows how to emphasize their awesomeness to the max using mascara and eyeliner in just the right way. In one of her weekly sum-ups, she posted another lashgasmic look recently and I felt compelled to replicate it - I wanted to see if I could make my eyelashes look as freaking amazing as hers do using what I at least think is similar liner technique. Here is the post to which I refer (it even has kitty pictures!), and specifically, here is one of her lovely pictures:

See, isn't it fab?! Such a simple look but so, so flattering.

I wore a look similar to this to work today. Unfortunately it ended up sort of a fail - well, the makeup was nice, but the pictures were all derpy, blurry, or both, and a few hours after I applied it, I got something in my right eye that made it water like CRAZY and all the eyeshadow got totally messed up, so I had to wipe it all off. At least the mascara and liner stayed intact. Anyway, derpface and blurriness notwithstanding, here is my version:

Here are the products I used for this look:

Dolce and Gabbana Creamy Foundation in Classic
Guerlain pressed powder
Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata blush
Chanel Poudre Signee highlighter
Maybelline Define a Brow in Dark Blonde
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash Blonde/Taupe - I layer this over the Maybelline pencil
Fyrinnae Snow Leopard on the lid and lower lash line, Urban Decay Darkhorse (Naked 1) in the outer v, Urban Decay Foxy (Naked 2) to highlight, Urban Decay Creep (Naked 1) to set/smoke out gel liner
MAC Blacktrack as tightline, on waterline, and on upper lash line (under Creep)
Hourglass Film Noir mascara
Chantecaille Pink Melon Luminous Gloss - I applied this and took the pics immediately after brushing my teeth, so my lips look much rosier underneath the color than normal!

Thoughts? I need to experiment with this a little more - I really like the look of soft, smoky liner that I get when I set my gel liner with shadow. I've preferred the crisp, clean line of gel liner for years but am just starting to play with... well, less-clean lines. I would love to see links in the comments to any other looks or images you can think of that demonstrate this soft/smoky shadow-liner look!

Edit: the derpface is all me, not meant to be some kind of reference to Nihrida. I have seen her full-face pics too and she never looks derpy, always lovely! :)


  1. This is gorgeous and not remotely derpy, silly Kristina, but you did make me laugh -- I've had cursed photo days like that too :D

    I love smudgy liner but usually take a shortcut by using a very creamy kohl type pencil or just lining with a dense/creamy powder. Maybe going back to fill in any gaps by tightlining and smudging upwards slightly.

    1. Thanks Kate :) My issue with taking shortcuts like that is that I know they only last a few minutes on my waterline before they start to move down... down... down... and a few hours later are nearly all the way to my cheeks, lol. Do you have recommendations for any kohls that might not do this?

  2. I like the smokey liner myself, not crisp. Of course, that's because I wore the sharp liner way back so it seems old to me, LOL.

    Karin @savvythinker

  3. This is my favorite EOTD from you :-) I'm a lurker and never pipe up but I couldn't be quiet on this one! You always do beautiful work but this is breath taking! I much prefer a diffused line like this. On me personally I feel the crisp line is aging. I do like the sort of retro-thick winged eyeliner look from time to time, but for everyday looks I find the smudged line to be more casual somehow. There's something so smoldering about this look!
    Anyway this is gorgeous on you!! Love it! Hot babe:-)

    1. Wow, thank you! Well, I love all feedback, positive and negative (though I suppose constructive-negative is better than biting-negative) so please stop lurking and comment more often, all you lurkers! :)

  4. i love it! Totally gonna try it out, and yes, it does look fab ;) haha well happy blogging!

    Lizzie (imjustmuckingabout.blog.com)

  5. Your eye looks are really good!



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