Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NARS Seduction Blush: Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

Here we have another lovely product from a Spring 2013 collection: NARS Seduction blush. I don't even know what's in the rest of the collection, I just saw RED BLUSH!!1!!11!! and promptly ignored/forgot everything else. I ordered it from the minute I saw it was available to buy!

When I received my package, my first thought was a dismayed, "NARS is trying to pull the wool over our eyes! This is just another Mounia" (which might not actually be awful, come to think of it, as NARS Mounia blush is discontinued and hard to find), but I was wrong. The base color of the two shades is similar, and the shimmer in Mounia wows me every time I swatch it, but I have always found Mounia somewhat user-unfriendly. It is SO pigmented, it's hard to avoid clown-face even when applying lightly, and the shimmer is so stunning in the pan and in swatches but the overall effect on the cheeks can sometimes lean a bit patchy. Well, NARS has kept all the best things about Mounia and improved upon the worst, and this new creation is called Seduction.

Seduction has exactly the right level of pigmentation so it doesn't require much work to build it to the level of color you want on your cheeks, nor does it overwhelm you and make it likely that you will look clownish (unless you are truly overzealous). I see a bit of shimmer in the pan, but on my cheeks Seduction appears matte, and applies easily with no patchiness. The resulting color is a stunning sangria flush, one that I think would work as well in the summertime with a tan as it does in the wintertime to bring some life to my almost-translucent skin. I love it, and as you can see, I have nothing else truly like it:

NARS Mounia, NARS Seduction, Sleek Flushed, Chanel Rouge

I have to be honest, I never thought another blush would make Chanel Rouge look pink! Above you see NARS Mounia, NARS Seduction, Sleek Flushed, and Chanel Rouge. Rouge will always hold a special, sentimental place in my heart, but I think among the other three, Seduction wins the prize for being the most wearable on the cheeks. I will try to provide a FOTD picture with me wearing it soon.

What say you, red blush lovers? I think Seduction is a must-have. Do you agree?


  1. Ooh very nice! I haven't gotten a new NARS blush in awhile, may check this out. Speaking of red blushes, did you ever get to try the shimmer sheertone MAC Variety, from the Liza (Minelli) collex? One of my HGs and I use it sparingly due to the shade on my PPP self & I still haven't found a good dupe, because of course it was LE :(

    1. No, I've actually never even heard of that particular shade (Variety) until now! It really sucks when you fall for a LE product and can't find a suitable replacement, though. Fortunately I have yet to run out of any of my favorite LE products (MAC Hypnotizing is an eyeshadow I love that jumps to mind), but I'm sure it will be a frustrating day when I do!

  2. I do not need this blush but, I want it. Great job on the swatches, Thanks.

  3. Wow! Those are super pigmented. I have yet to purchase a Nars blush and you are tempting me! Nars seduction looks awesome but I think Sleek Flush would look better as an everyday colour (for me). I will have to go Sephora and swatch them out in person. Great swatches!
    Samantha Blushing❤Appraisal


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