Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches

So, I'm in another "I have too much! I need to purge my stash!" phase, and I'm considering getting rid of all of my Inglot eyeshadows, or perhaps just the non-matte ones. I figured before I do so for sure, I should at least swatch them all for you!

Inglot's shimmery eyeshadows are of decent to excellent quality, but I get very frustrated with how they don't have names (only numbers) so I can never remember which colors I've used for any given look. I also like their palette design in theory, but in practice, I find it beyond aggravating to use. Once your pans are in their palette, they're stuck there, and good luck getting one out without gouging the eyeshadow, despite the fact that they're only "attached" via magnets. Of course, you could just leave them in there, but if you like to rearrange your palettes sometimes like I do, you'll understand why I get so mad at Inglot's. With that said, their mattes are of absolutely exceptional quality, so I may keep just a quad with my four mattes in it... I'm still deciding about that. I like their Pearl formula too; the AMC Shine formula just doesn't impress me as much, and the D.S. ones swatch beautifully but I find do odd things on the eyes. For someone who hasn't tried Inglot and wants to try, I would recommend starting with the Pearls and the Mattes.

Here are the twenty shades I currently own: AMC Shine 07, AMC Shine 08, AMC Shine 12, AMC Shine 15, AMC Shine 17, AMC Shine 31, AMC Shine 40, AMC Shine 48, D.S. 457, D.S. 501, AMC 74, Pearl 399, Pearl 409, Pearl 414, Pearl 605, Pearl 607, Matte 348, Matte 360, Matte 376, and Matte 390.

AMCS 07, AMCS 08, AMCS 12, AMCS 15, AMCS 17, AMCS 31, AMCS 40, AMCS 48, DS 457, DS 501

AMC 74, P 399, P 409, P 414, P 605, P 607, M 348, M 360, M 376, M 390
If you aren't as nitpicky about details like products having names instead of numbers and stubborn packaging, I would definitely recommend giving Inglot a try. The quality is good, on average, and the price is right - pans are $6 each, and they are large for an eyeshadow. It's a great way to inexpensively experiment with color and texture to determine what works for you. Anyway, I hope this has been/will be helpful as a resource to someone!

Disclaimer: I swapped for or purchased all of these with my own funds.


  1. This may sound silly, but I found your blog because I was looking into changing my own blog name. I randomly thought up "Swatch Sasquatch" and was curious to see if anyone else had it. It's pretty funny that someone else does, but the opposite that I'd thought of! Anyways, you have a great blog! Love your swatches!

    1. How funny! How did you come up with the name? and thanks!

  2. AHHHH! Let me know if they need a good home!!! :)

    I do like their eyeshadows a lot. I put them in the MUFE empty palettes so I can rearrange them easily.

    1. Marilyn, I expect to be doing another blog sale sometime in the next month or so, so be on the lookout for that (I'll post about it here). Thanks :)


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