Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guerlain Rue de Passy Swatches and Review

You all already know I love Guerlain eyeshadows, so there's not too much to add, but here is another palette I'd like to share with you! Rue de Passy is one of Guerlain's 6-pan palettes, and currently the only one of those that I own. A very special friend gifted me a tester of this palette - you know who you are - thank you, I love it! :)

I plan to depot it at some point soon and put it in a Unii palette or something along those lines! Here are my swatches (taken outdoors with a HappyLight to supplement the dismal natural light):

I find Rue de Passy to be a fantastic neutral eyeshadow palette, both in terms of quality and color combinations. I love that it has a couple of matte shades, a few satiny shades, and a frosty shade (so you get a variety of textures/finishes), that it has a broad range of colors from pale to dark, and that its shades are pretty well-balanced across the cool-neutral-warm spectrum so you could really create any warm, cool, or neutral look just with this palette.

If you'd like to order Rue de Passy (or anything else from Nordstrom), please call my girl Sarah, the Guerlain CM at Nordstrom Bellevue (425-455-5800). She'll hook you up!

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  1. You have to try place vendome, its such a lovely palette for blue eyed blondes - probably one of my favourite palettes ever!


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