Monday, December 17, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain Swatches and Review

Well, today has been fun! My friend Sara and I have both been wanting to try the new L'Oreal Colour Caresse Stains (dupes to Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains, which have reigned for about a year now in my makeup stash as my favorite lip gloss formula and which I hope to also swatch for you soon), so she suggested we go drugstore-hunting for them together this morning. After hitting up two Fred Meyers and three Rite Aids, we finally found an untouched Colour Caresse display at a Rite Aid and we pretty much cleaned it out! :) I just managed to get through swatching them all before it was completely dark outside. I will try to post lip swatches of as many as I can in the coming weeks, but working retail in the holiday season means I work weird hours, so it might take a while.

First thing, the formula: these feel exactly like YSL Glossy Stains on my lips, which is a very good thing in my book. Both formulas can dry out my lips if I wear them exclusively for several days in a row, but if I give my lips a break in between with lots of lip balm at night, I'm fine wearing them for a full day or two.  The L'Oreal Colour Caresse version appears to be more sheer on average but there are definitely a few exceptions to that, as you'll see below. The formulas of both are buildable: you can start with one layer for sheerer coverage, or add a second or third "coat" after letting it dry for a minute or more to increase the color opacity. As such, I've shown these pictured across three layers so you can see how opaque/buildable each shade is. My camera struggled to pick up the colors with just one swipe, so I'm sorry the first couple of pictures are a bit blurry - they are the best I could get until I built up more color.







Next, here are the color names for your reference and my initial thoughts on them, including comparisons to YSL Glossy Stain shades:

182: Pink Perseverance - essentially looks like a clear gloss on me, but does slightly even out my naturally pale pink lips after three coats (more flattering than YSL GS #18 or #19, both of which were streaky pastel messes on me)
183: Pink Resistance - similar to YSL GS #7, but sheerer
184: Rose On and On - similar to YSL GS #15, but sheerer
185: Lilac Ever After - not even a near-dupe to YSL GS #4 or #5, stands alone as a sheer mauve-berry (a complete misnomer, if you ask Sara and me - not lilac at all!)
186: Berry Persistent - similar to YSL GS #1, but more of a pure purple and less brown
187: Infinite Fuchsia - this one is TRICKY. See below***
188: Coral Tattoo - totally hot orange, brighter and clearer than YSL GS #6
189: Pink Rebellion - similar to YSL GS #17, but sheerer
190: Endless Red - similar to YSL GS #10
191: Stubborn Plum - similar to YSL GS #16, but sheerer
192: Everlasting Caramel - I do not have any similarly-colored YSL GS shades to compare this to and am honestly not sure what skin tones it would flatter, if any
193: Eternally Nude - I do not have any similarly-colored YSL GS shades to compare this to (it is closest to YSL GS #6, but far less orange and more rosy brown than that GS, so hardly comparable)

*** Regarding #187 Infinite Fuchsia, this one made me have a severe "WTF?!" moment. It completely changes color as it dries. It starts out as a cool hot pink that reminds me somewhat of MAC Girl About Town lipstick or YSL GS #13. As it dries, it becomes gradually darker and plummier. You can't totally see it here, but once it's fully dry, it is a full vamp, a deep plum similar to YSL GS #1 on me. You can sort of see the difference here, with a freshly applied glob on the left and a semi-dried (not even fully dried!) swatch on the right:

See how different they look? And the swatch on the right continued to get darker still, after I took this picture. Wild, huh? I swear it's the same color, though!

What do you think? Will you be rushing out to hunt for these too?

NOTE: These have been found so far by various people in Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, and Harmon stores.


  1. very interesting. I love YSL glossy stains, definitely will hunt this L'oreal version!

  2. I LOVE YOU!

    BTW, are GS 21-26 not out in the US yet? :(
    You've narrowed me down to 185 -- GS 4 and 5 are too muddy for me and I usually tend to like misnamed not-purples (Korres Natural Purple, Revlon Mauve it Over) :D

    1. They're not that I know of! I do have #25, bought off a blog sale - will check later which L'Oreal one it might be closest to...

  3. Do you feel that Stubborn Plum and Pink Rebellion are too similar? Those are the two I want to get, because YSL GL #16 and #17 are the ones I always wanted to get, but the Loreal ones look too similar? What do you think?

    1. It's hard to say... I think it depends on how pigmented your lips are. The L'Oreal ones are both sheerer than the YSLs. I find YSL GS #s 16 and 17 different enough to own both, as they are very different on me after a couple of coats/layers (16 is more of a bright fuchsia, 17 more of a pale-yet-bright cool pink). The two L'Oreal ones you're asking about each echo one of those YSL GS colors, but they're significantly sheerer. On very pale, unpigmented lips, you might see a small difference between the two; on more pigmented lips, they would probably look the same. So if you have much pigment at all in your lips, I think you'd be fine just choosing one, and perhaps disappointed if you got both.

      If I were you and I had the money, though, I'd just get the Glossy Stains in both colors. I don't think Stubborn Plum or Pink Rebellion are among the best colors in the L'Oreal lineup, because both are so sheer. If I were to somehow lose all 12 of these and all my Glossy Stains (so I wouldn't be re-buying ones I knew were dupes of each other), I would probably only repurchase the more opaque shades from the L'Oreal line like 185, 186, 187, 188, and 190, and maybe 184.

  4. I saw these at my local drugstore today, they only had one tester but it was soo pretty. Thank you taking the time to do all these swatches. I've just started blogging, and now I finally understand the amount of effort that goes into swatching.
    I am debating between Rose On and On and Pink Rebellion. Which one is your favourite?


  5. Do you know which one the model is wearing in the commercial that is out now?

    1. Hi Kim, I don't watch much TV so I'm not sure which commercial you mean. If you can show me a YouTube link I might be able to guess, or you could try emailing L'Oreal!

  6. Thx much for this into !!! Very helpful!!!

  7. Thank you so much - so helpful!


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