Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour Swatches and Review

Hello friends!

Sorry for not posting as much lately. Working in retail, I've been very busy since the start of the holiday season, and with shorter days I'm finding it harder and harder to find sunlight to do any swatching in! But I got home from work early today so I thought I'd show you some of my new pretties :)

Laura Mercier recently came out with this Illuminating Eye Colour formula. These are pressed powder eyeshadows that feel almost like silk to the touch - it's an unusual texture, but very pleasant to work with. In The Non-Blonde's review of these, she said they are sheer/have very light pigmentation (and her swatches back that up - it looks like she had trouble building them up to any significant color intensity), but I had a completely different experience with them, so I wonder if perhaps she got ones from a bad batch. Swatched with fingers and with a brush, with and without eyeshadow primer, I got excellent color payoff with all four shades in every case.

A few days ago, I wore Gilded Bronze on my oily eyelids without primer (I'd already removed my makeup for the day and was just playing around) for several hours and experienced no creasing or fallout, which I find highly impressive. I do suspect I would have seen some creasing after another few hours, though, if I'd left it on like that. On another day, Gilded Platinum wore 12 hours on me without creasing or fading over NARS eyeshadow primer, and I didn't experience any fallout either.

Swatchytime! From left to right, we have Gilded Platinum, Gilded Bronze, Gilded Moonlight, and Gilded Rosegold. (The names don't make much sense to me either, but I swear that's accurate.) In natural light outdoors on an overcast day:

In my bathroom using the full-spectrum natural light bulb:

Under my Ottlite, with my little helper Spock saying hello in the background:

... but Spock also really wanted his OWN moment, so here he is chilling on his cat tree (the Armarkat B6802, which we highly recommend):

Chillin' like a villain. Anyway, I think these shadows are great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who loves shimmery, sparkly eyeshadows. One warning: like most highly shimmery shadows, these are not subtle and may not be flattering on wrinkly or crepey lids. Gilded Rosegold is an unusual color, a shimmery copper that falls more on the orange side than red or brown. I find it flattering in a semi-dramatic and vivid way on my blue eyes, but it may be unappealing to anyone afraid of wearing orange tones on their eyes. The other three shades are more universally wearable.

Disclaimer: I purchased the products featured in this post myself.


  1. I LOVE Gilded Moonlight. I think it's a great gold shadow. I wouldn't say I had trouble with the pigmentation, but I do think it can be worn sheered out or built up.

  2. Just came across your blog! Its great :) I actually just started blogging as well.


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