Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick Swatches and Review

This is another simple post, comprised largely of "here is a product for which I have long-term adoration."As I stated in my Chantecaille Lip Chic swatch post, Guerlain Rouge Automatique is one of my favorite lipstick formulas - in fact, I would say it is tied with Chantecaille Lip Chic for the #1 slot. The Rouge Automatique packaging is also totally cool: you can apply one-handedly. As you push the little lever downward, the "cap" (I prefer to think of it as a TRAP DOOR) on the top recedes and the lipstick bullet slides out in one smooth motion. Pictured here are #601 Romance (top) and #600 Ballade (bottom), in fully exposed position.

At risk of being repetitive, I will copy what I wrote about Lip Chics, because every bit of it is also true about Rouge Automatiques: "I love these lipsticks because they are glossy and actually moisturizing - they don't just claim to moisturize - without being overly sheer. They also appear smooth on even the driest and flakiest of lips, which is something I can't say is true for most lipsticks I've tried. In short, THEY ROCK." The main difference between the two is that while Lip Chics have a shinier, balmier texture, Rouge Automatiques have a slightly more natural finish. They are still semi-glossy, but not as plush-looking as Lip Chics - more subtle and sophisticated. With that said, I would be surprised to meet a person that loves one of these formulas but not the other.

Here are all of the Rouge Automatiques I currently own. Outdoors (more color-accurate overall):

Indoors, under an Ottlite (slightly less color-accurate, but better shows the differences in undertone between similar colors):

Here are their respective names:

120: Coque d'Or (permanent)
143: Nahema (permanent)
160: Bal de Mai (permanent)
164: Chamade (permanent)
165: Champs-Elysees (permanent)
168: L'Heure Bleue (permanent)
169: Flirt d'un Jour (limited edition, Holiday 2011 collection)
600: Ballade (limited edition, Spring 2013 collection on counters now)
601: Romance (limited edition, Spring 2013 collection on counters now)

I purchased all of these with my own funds, either from Sephora or Nordstrom (my favorite sales associate at Nordstrom is Sarah, the Guerlain counter manager at Nordstrom Bellevue, phone 425-455-5800).

Now, I am dying to hear your comments on this one. Rouge Automatique lovers, which shades are your favorites? Which one(s) should I be keeping my eye on for my next purchase? THANKS! :D

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