Monday, December 24, 2012

Chantecaille Les Pétales de Rose Swatches and Review

This was one of those products I was sure I didn't "need" until I swatched it in-store, and lo and behold, completely fell for it. I have and love many highlighters - they are definitely one of my favorite makeup items to use - but Chantecaille Les Pétales de Rose stood out to me as being genuinely unique in that it melts into the skin in a seamless, perfect way. When I put it on my face, it provides a clear glow and definition to my cheekbone, but there is no visible glitter. The effect is apparent on the skin, yet subtle enough that I can also use it along the vertical center line of my face (a placement I am generally stingy with, as someone with oily skin who doesn't want to appear even oilier in the T-zone). The shade is also perfect for me, very slightly pink but just neutral enough to go with any makeup look. The plastic packaging is uninspiring, but I can live with that.

Here it is swatched in outdoor lighting - just the top part on the left, the "cupcake frosting"-looking part in the center, and the whole thing blended together on the right:

And a couple of closeups of the blended swatch (click to view full size):

In short, I adore this highlighter. If it weren't so expensive, I'd buy a backup, but as it is, I will probably just use this somewhat sparingly so as to make it last. I purchased mine from my favorite Nordstrom sales associate, Sarah, who is the Guerlain counter manager at the Bellevue Nordstrom (store phone number 425-455-5800). If you need an excellent sales associate to help you with consultations or orders over the phone, via email, or in person, she is your girl!

What do you think? Are you eyeing the "cupcake highlighter" too?

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