Friday, December 28, 2012

Benjabelle Brush Tree Review

Normally after washing my makeup brushes, I lay them flat to dry on a towel on my countertop. Several of my brushes take two full days to dry that way, which means if I'm being responsible and washing them weekly, my bathroom countertop is covered with brushes about 30% of the time. I don't have much countertop space, so they really get in the way. I did figure out at one point that brushes dry faster when hung upside down, and jury-rigged my bathroom towel rack with some rubber bands, enabling me to hang the brushes upside down, but that was problematic (I could only fit a couple of brushes on there at the same time as the towels, and that was before I knocked the towel rack completely off the wall trying to finagle the brushes onto it). So when I heard about the Benjabelle brush tree, it immediately made its way onto my Christmas wish list. And, what do you know, I got one! Thank you to my Aunt Sara, Uncle Bill, and my cousins Hannah and Olivia! :)

Here is my brush tree in action, housing my freshly washed brushes. Coincidentally (or perfectly designed with makeup connoisseurs in mind?), it houses 14 brushes, which is exactly the number of face brushes I keep in steady rotation. I took these pictures with my iPhone because my camera was hiding from me, and do we really need high resolution photos of a brush tree anyway?

I did find that the thinner-handled brushes were more difficult to position in the tree, but with a little prodding and poking to get them at the right angle, they all fit and stayed put. I was astounded to find that even my epically thick-handled EcoTools bronzer brush (toward the left in the picture immediately above) fit inside the holes of the brush tree. If that fits, any large kabuki or thick-handled brush should fit. I don't think very thin handles, like the handles of many eye makeup brushes, would fit/stay put, but that's fine with me because those only take a few hours to dry after a deep cleanse anyway. To keep the brush hairs neat, you push the brushes through the little holes (which are lined with rubber "teeth" to catch and hold the brushes) in hair-side-down from the bottom upward, and then once they're dry, you pull them up and out through the top.

The other cool thing about this product is that it is extremely compact. I received it in a box approximately 10" x 8" x 0.75" (25 cm x 21 cm x 2 cm) thick. It comes in three pieces, two interlocking "legs" for the stand and the top grid piece, and you can put it together or break it down in about two seconds. Very convenient for storage in between uses.

In short, I absolutely must recommend this tool to anyone who has more than a few makeup brushes and who washes them regularly. My brushes took up less space while drying and dried in half their usual time hanging upside down, and the brush tree is completely logical, intuitive, and user-friendly. I just wish I'd thought of the idea myself. I hope the founders of Benjabelle get rich off of this - they deserve it!

The picture you see at the very top of this post is from the Benjabelle website, which is (as far as I know) the only place to purchase the brush tree, and the brush tree is the only product they sell. I look forward to more cool inventions from Benjabelle in the future!


  1. This item is kind of hilarious. Looks absolutely ridiculous but oh so practical. I may have to get myself one of these....

  2. This is GENIUS. Thanks for the review!


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