Thursday, October 11, 2012

Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set: Swatches and Review

I am a hopeless cause when it comes to Urban Decay eyeliner sets. HOPELESS. After plenty of internal debate, I went ahead and purchased the Smoked 24/7 set. I don't regret it, but I hate that feeling of "I really had no choice!"

I debated buying it for the following reasons:

1) I already own a full-size Uzi, the sparkly gray shade in this set.

2) Zero, the black shade in this set, just doesn't work well for me. It is the only Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner that smudges on me, and it is not pigmented enough for my tastes - when I want to wear a black eyeliner, I want it to be BLACK, not sort-of-black. While I know some people love Zero, I personally wish Urban Decay would stop selling it in their sets and would just stick with the Perversion 24/7 pencil, their superstar of a black eyeliner that I love - it is everything that Zero isn't, to me!

3) I wasn't and am still not sure I will use Demolition, the brown shade in the set, simply because I already have several browns that I adore and I don't see the need for another matte brown eyeliner.

BUT... SMOG, EMPIRE, MAINLINE! Oh, be still my heart! All stunning colors for which I have no dupes and for which I dramatically lusted after... until I caved in and just bought the darn set! I ultimately decided that for a retail price of $38 - which was actually $30 for me after my employee discount, or for you with the current Urban Decay 20% off Friends and Family sale going on RIGHT NOW - if I ignore the existence of Uzi, Zero, and Demolition I'm still getting Smog, Empire, and Mainline for $10 each, which was totally okay with me given that they are exclusive to this set!

I skipped swatching Zero because I don't intend to keep it and there are already about 27 million swatches of it floating around on the internet; I think you, my readers, are smart enough to do your research and make do without my adding #27,000,001. So, left to right, we have here: Uzi, Demolition, Smog, Empire, and Mainline.

Outdoors, in overcast sunlight:

Indoors, under my Ottlite:

I doubt this matters to anyone, but the Uzi I swatched was the one I already owned, not the one that came in the set, since I see no need to have both in use at once.

Uzi is a sparkly gray, similar to MAC Lithograph Fluidline and Bobbi Brown Graphite Shimmer Ink, but paler and more shimmery. I really love this color and may keep the Smoked one as a backup - I most often wear it on lazy days with just mascara and no eyeshadow (or a flesh-toned eyeshadow like Burberry Trench) because it's glamorous enough to still look nice, standing alone.

Demolition is a neutral deep matte brown, slightly cooler than MAC Dipdown Fluidline and warmer/less gray than Bobbi Brown Sepia Ink. Demolition has a similar base color to Corrupt 24/7, but is slightly darker, less red, and lacks Corrupt's silver sparkles. Bourbon 24/7 is lighter still, redder still, and more shimmery than Demolition. Underground 24/7 is also far lighter and warmer; I would call it more of a metallic taupe.

Smog is a shimmery bronze, lighter and almost rosier in undertone than MAC Lord It Up Pearlglide. It is closer in color to Stila Bronze Smudge Pot, but Bronze leans deeper and more gold/brown. I wouldn't call Smog a "rosy" color in and of itself, but compared to other bronzes and browns, its slightly pinker tones do stand out. I think because of that undertone, this shade will work well on all fair to medium complexions (too dark, and it just may not show up as well) - the warmth of the bronze color will complement warmer complexions, while the rosy undertones will make it wearable for even the coolest complexions as well.

Empire is a slightly iridescent (not at all sparkly, just more reflective than a pure matte) pure purple, and it is everything I wanted Ransom 24/7 to be and more! It lacks the duochrome nature of Ransom but it is SO much more pigmented and easier to work with. I genuinely don't have any colors that are even remotely dupey to Empire. It is a true violet, much less red/plum than Rockstar 24/7.

Mainline is a deep matte teal that glides on super smoothly and with excellent pigment. I am SO happy with this one. It is a similar base color to MAC Siahi Fluidline (maybe a little bit bluer than Siahi, but that's splitting hairs), but appears darker because it lacks the shimmer that Siahi has. Revlon Colorstay retractable pencil in Teal is definitely greener and less pigmented than Mainline.

All in all, I think this set is an excellent value, even if you're a little nuts like me and only buy it for a few of the colors. The pencils are 0.8g/0.03 oz each, compared to 1.2g/0.04 oz each for the full sized 24/7s (which retail for $19 each). Depending on whether you calculate it based on grams or ounces, that makes each of these pencils a $12.67-14.25 value.

Now I just have to decide if I'm going to spring for the Ocho Loco 24/7 set as well... my poor wallet! I need to hurry up and add more items to my blog sale so I can have some more spending money for all the amazing goodies that are coming out for this holiday season, haha :)

Eyeliner lovers, have you picked this up yet or do you plan to? What about Ocho Loco? Would love to hear your thoughts on either or both!


  1. Oh wow I am LOVING Smog.....need it...

  2. Mainline looks SO PRETTY... These are fabulous but I think I'd just try to pick up some gel/cream eyeliners in the colors I'm looking for. I did buy the Vice Palette though!

  3. FWIW - Yes, I am nuts just like you! Already owned Uzi and Demolition (and of course, Zero) but *needed* (rolls my eyes - as if!) the other three.

    I now own close to 40 different 24/7 joke. I think the official count is 38 between limited edition sets + discontinued pencils. (I am only missing 4 regular shades: Lust, Covet, 1999, and Deviant.)

    Empire is the first one I tried and oy! It's really lovely! Can't WAIT to try Smog and Mainline now...

    Really nice set and it does complement the Smoked palette.

    I wonder how Smog compares with the now discontinued Baked pencil...

  4. Oooh..they look gorgeous. I'm a closet makeup junkie, and I have to have these :D Looking forward to Mainline!

  5. does the empire eyeliner show and stay on the waterline

    1. It does show up well, yes. I think different people will have different results as far as whether or not it will stay on the waterline though. For me it lasts a few hours on the waterline.

  6. how would u compare it to rockstar ?

  7. how does it compare to rockstar? I find that dark colors on waterline look black. will empire show better on waterline or rockstar . I mean definitely rockstar being comparatively darker will show more on waterline but which of the two would show their true color.

    1. I think that's still going to vary by person based on skin tone, but Empire does look comparatively less black on the waterline to me and more like a COLOR, if that makes sense.

  8. LOL yes u got me right. thats what i wanted to know : ) one more question : ) promise its last one. I dont want bournbon, too red. demolition or corrupt ? which shows better on waterline though corrupt looks pretty with its sparkle ?

    1. Demolition. It's not safe to put glitter like that on your waterline, ever!

  9. : ) thaks for the quick reply u have been a great help.


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