Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tarte Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay set

As you already know, I adore Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes (click to see my full review of the formula). Love them, love them, LOVE THEM. So, the $35 Fantastic Foursome set at Sephora, containing a mini Amazonian Clay highlighter and 3 mini Amazonian Clay blushes (half size), was a no-brainer for me. I even had $30 in gift cards so I got it for CHEAP! Haha.

Here is the set. From left to right: Angelic, Magic, Fantastic, and Stellar.

I accidentally flipped the order here, so in the swatches below, the order is Angelic, Fantastic, Magic, and Stellar:

Yum. Angelic looks really gritty here, but that's mostly because I had goosebumps! It also swatches a bit chunky-feeling but it really doesn't look that way on the skin at all, it goes on like a visible but subtle gold highlighter.

Fantastic is closest to Adored in the permanent Tarte line, but Fantastic is completely matte and paler than Adored. It is also much less pink and more lilac than Amused, also from the permanent line. It is most similar to NARS Gaiety in my stash, but it lacks the iridescence that Gaiety has on my skin and is slightly brighter and purpler in comparison - next to Fantastic, Gaiety looks a softer pink.

Magic has been thought by some to be the same as Blissful from the permanent line, but they are not the same. Next to each other, Blissful has more orange and red tones, and Magic looks more pink. They definitely look like different colors on my skin - even a "Muggle" would recognize they are not the same!

On my skin, Stellar is similar to Buff from the permanent line. Buff is slightly more orange and Stellar slightly more brown, but they are near-dupes. Exposed leans way more pink-mauve. I think on fair to medium skin tones, Stellar could be used as a bronzer, if you don't mind the sparkles or would tap them off with your brush. It is less pigmented than the other three colors in the set and harder to pick up with a brush.

So, is this set a must-have? Honestly, I'm not sure. If you're a mad collector of everything that says "Tarte Amazonian Clay blush" on it like me, or you adore everything in miniature form, or these colors would be mostly unique to your collection, then yes, you NEED it! I do intend to keep mine (though I may put Stellar up on my blog sale), as I like the colors and formula - I have already worn and will continue to wear Angelic, Fantastic, and Magic. However, if my entire set were to somehow be destroyed, I don't think I would repurchase it just because I already have other highlighters and blushes that look similar to, and perform equally well as, those three. It's definitely nice, but not bowling me over, I think because the inclusion of Stellar in the set is dragging it down a little in my eyes.

I see that the set is out of stock right now on Sephora.com, but I know the stores near me still have it in stock. Are you eyeing this set? Will you be picking it up, now or during the Friends & Family sale (rumored to be starting sometime in the next four weeks)?


  1. I already picked it up. I don't have a very large blush collection, so this gives me a bit of a variety.

  2. I've really been wanting to buy this because I love their blushes (I have three already) and it's such a fabulous deal. Now I'm not sure :-/

    1. Marilyn, if you only have 3 and you'd use the colors, I think it's definitely worth getting!

  3. I caved and ordered the other day after you so kindly compared Glisten to Albatross for me! Tarte's site still had it and had some of my other favs of theirs on sale (lock and roll es and lipstains woot!) on sale so I couldnt resist, total blush and highlighter addict that I am. can't wait, I only have Blissful Exposed and Natural Beauty so far so I am excited. thanks for making me more excited as they look wonderful for me! and who doesn't love cute mini sizes? not me :) yay

  4. thanks for the review...I only have one and have been wanting to try more out (if I heard the rumor right it's Oct 19?)

  5. thanks for sharing.


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