Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tarina Tarantino sale haul with swatches

As some of you may already know, the brand Tarina Tarantino is in the process of exiting Sephora right now, so all of their items are on clearance for great prices in Sephora stores and on Now, I have been lusting after Tarina's Dreamy Jewel eyeshadow palette for a YEAR since seeing Temptalia's gorgeous look done with it, so I headed to a local Sephora that still had almost all of their Tarina products in stock to snag it. This was my first time trying any of her products; a few underwhelmed me, but the vast majority of what I tried, I was very impressed with. I had a hard time narrowing my shopping basket down to just these six items!

From left to right: Eye Dream Highlight Hyperliner Waterproof Eye Pencils in Spark of Envy and Cute Robot; Conditioning Lip Sheen Lipsticks in Candy Jar and Fuchsia Lining (thank you, Tarina, for bothering to spellcheck the word Fuchsia, unlike NYX); and Eye Dream Hyperlight Under Eye Brightener.

Here we have the Dreamy Jewel palette, that I lusted after for so long before caving on:


While I don't feel fully qualified to review these products because I've only owned them for a few days, I can tell you that my initial impressions are quite positive. The eyeliners are smooth and pigmented (I am forever hunting for the perfect, full-pigment, not-black-looking navy blue eyeliner, and while Cute Robot does require a couple of passes to get to that point, it's the closest thing I've found to that - it definitely kicks Urban Decay Binge to the curb, that's for sure). The lipsticks feel WONDERFUL on my perpetually-dry lips, they do not emphasize the little flakies that don't want to go away, and the colors are bright and sexy.

The Hyperlight brightener was a pleasant surprise when I swatched it in the store. It reminds me a lot of my beloved Dior Skinflash pen (which I've always preferred to YSL Touche Eclat) because of the salmony undertones, which correct the sallowness under my eyes nicely. Tarina's Hyperlight pen is paler in color than my Skinflash (which is in shade #1 - there are 3 - #2 is yellower and #3 is much darker), so it doesn't have quite the same color-correcting ability, but I must say it really DOES brighten the undereye area. When I put it on, I look instantly more refreshed and awake. I don't think I would use it by itself as a replacement for concealer, but I envision it making an excellent touch-up pen to keep in my makeup bag at work to perk me up mid-day, and that's exactly what I intend to do with it. I layered it on quite thickly at Sephora and was impressed to find it still didn't sink into the little creases under my eyes! So that one I can definitely claim is a big win for me.

The eyeshadow palette I haven't had the opportunity to try on my eyes yet, but the colors swatch so beautifully, I can't wait to give it a try. The orangey color, if you were wondering, is similar to the orange in the Shiseido Fire eyeshadow trio - I would call this one slightly more frosty in finish and just one shade darker than the Fire orange. I need to play with the two palettes a bit more, but having a shade that similar might be enough to push me over the edge and purge my Fire trio (which I've had lukewarm feelings about since the day I got it, to be honest). But anyway. All 5 shades in this palette are incredibly buttery and pigmented and I am very excited to play more with it - I may try to replicate Temptalia's look with it (link at the top of this post) first thing!

At $9 for each of the eyeliners, $14 for the lipsticks and undereye brightener, and $20 for the palette - and in fact I paid less than that because I used my 10% off VIB renewal coupon - this haul really felt like quite a steal! So far I would say these feel like high end quality for (clearance) pricing that even beats MAC and Clinique. I'm tempted to go back for more, but as I'm trying hard to keep my stash whittled down to what I can actually use and love, I am going to keep trying to hold off for now... hopefully I won't change my mind and regret that after it's all sold out! :)

Have you picked up or do you plan to pick up any Tarina Tarantino products while they're on sale at Sephora? Are there any other brands you didn't try out until they went on sale, and then you found yourself pleasantly surprised by?

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  1. Wow, Fuchsia Lining is nearly orange-coral on you, while it's a bright pink on me, almost seems cool.


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