Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquids

Next up in Rouge Bunny Rouge Swatch Week: my two Seas of Illumination liquid highlighters!

As you may already know, I am a complete highlighter junkie. I absolutely adore highlighters and even though they're all meant to do the same thing, I have a whole array of different shades because I love how they can create different effects - icy white, matte white or beige (to affect facial contour but not luminosity), golden glow, pink shimmer... and those are just the ones I use on top of my cheekbones, not even the ones I layer over my blushes!

RBR liquid highlighters are special in that they can be used in ways that pressed powder highlighters (which comprise most of my collection) can't. You can mix them with foundation or face primer... put them on the legs for a bit of glow worn with a skirt... put them on your shoulders, top of your chest, and décolletage worn with a skin-baring top... it just occurred to me you could maybe even mix it with a hair serum for a bit of added luminosity to your hair. (I will try that sometime soon and report back!) ... This is all in addition to the ability to use them like any other highlighter - on your cheekbones and anywhere else on your face you want to "light up."

These highlighters come in a frosted glass bottle with a pump on the top. One pump dispenses more product than I think anyone needs in one use unless you're using it on your body, but it only took me a few tries to master the art of stabilizing the bottle with one hand and putting slight pressure on the pump with the other so as to only release a tiny amount of product (I use approximately the volume of the bead on a sewing pin for each cheekbone - in other words, very, very little). I think the two of these could last me several years, at the rate I'm going! They also have a smell to them that I can't quite describe, but it's subtle (I smell it while applying, but not after about one minute) and I find it lovely.

Here we have Sea of Clouds on the left and Sea of Tranquility on the right. For each, I have swatched heavily on the left, then blended out sheerly on the right. I find these quite buildable and blendable, by the way, which I consider a very good thing. I encourage you to view these images full size.

Sea of Clouds looks like a very frosty, metallic white when swatched heavily. Blended lightly into the skin, it gives a slightly lightened and highly luminous effect, very photo-ready. If you use too much it can venture into "ice queen" territory, but in my experience I'd say you'd have to work at it to get it to that point; it's hard to mess up. Sea of Tranquility is a more natural shade on my N/NW10 skin tone; it gives an ethereal glow, and is even harder to overdo than Sea of Clouds. If I were to choose one to mix with my foundation and apply all over my face, it would be Sea of Tranquility.

There are two other shades in the line as well, Sea of Showers and Sea of Nectar, but from looking them up online I believe these would be a bit dark for me so I have not purchased those.

Do you have any of the RBR liquid highlighters? If so, which one(s) and what is your favorite way to use them?

Disclaimer: I purchased the products featured in this review myself.

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  1. Wow = Want. These look amazing. I usually lean towards warm highlighters (thinking they look best on my NC20ish self, the exception being Lightscapade and even that I can overdo) so still not 100% on Sea of Clouds. Then I upsized that pic and you were not kidding, gorgeousness!
    And there I was, nice and safe under my safe RBR rock.... oh boy. Hide the wallet :)


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