Monday, October 1, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge For the Love of Roses Original Skin Blushes

I absolutely adore the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge, so I've decided to do a full week of RBR swatches! Everything I've tried from this brand has been of truly exceptional quality, and I unreservedly recommend every single RBR item I will post for you this week. Pretty spectacular, huh?

Let's kick RBR Swatch Week off with the For the Love of Roses Original Skin blushes! Here we have: Gracilis, Orpheline, and Florita.

Gracilis starts as a cool mauvey pink on me. After several hours of wear, I find it has warmed slightly to be a more neutral mauve.

Orpheline is a vivid corally pink. It maintains its brightness well throughout the day and I get compliments on how "cute" I look when I wear it.

Florita is a bright rose with just touches of cool red and deep berry. It, too, has excellent lasting power on me (perhaps the best of the three, actually).

So far since buying these a few weeks ago, I have used Gracilis the most, then Florita. However, I believe during the summertime Orpheline will be my most-used of the three - I love the idea of fresh, blooming cheeks paired with glossy lips and very little eye makeup. Gracilis and Florita tend to be more accommodating for a "fall" look. I don't usually go with trends too much, but I do find my average look this time of year is comprised of deeper and more dramatic tones, so Gracilis works better when I have darker colors on my eyes, while Florita helps me create a flushed, wintery, cheek-focused look.

Starina, another RBR blush shade, is on its way to me from the UK. I will definitely swatch and review that one for you as well once I have it in my hot little hands! :)

Disclaimer: I purchased the products featured in this review myself.


  1. Oh my god. Seriously? I haven't even finished buying all the Tarte ACs that I need because of your swatch post, and now you're going to make me buy RBR blushes too? I'm not made of money, woman!

    Speaking of the Tartes, are Orpheline or Florita similar to any of the Tarte shades? Not as dupes necessarily, but just as comps so I can better visualize the tones. Thx. =)

    1. Haha!! I will check this weekend (if not sooner) and get back to you on that. :)


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