Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments

For all of my makeup-loving career I've been trying different types of pigments. Some are smooth, some are crumbly, some are sheer, some are super-pigmented, some are matte, some are downright glittery... and I must say, Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops pigments are my favorite of them all. They are silky-smooth without being too creamy or too powdery, radiantly beautiful both in swatches and on the eye, just as long-wearing as any other eyeshadow you'll find, and best of all? NO FALLOUT. At least not from all the times I've used mine so far!

The packaging is rather unique; I've seen pigments with similar packaging from Urban Decay, but something about their design made the shadow explode everywhere whenever you'd try to open it up. The RBR packaging on these is relatively smart - the shadow doesn't spill out, even if you knock it over. There is a little clear plastic wand you pull out of the tube and it comes out with just the right amount of product on a tiny sponge for you to apply directly to your lid. I have two minor gripes with the packaging, though: the outer black plastic lid is unsecured so they just fall off All. The. Time. That's annoying, but not a big deal since the wand piece stays secure inside the tube regardless (you definitely have to pull on it for it to come out). The other thing is that the sponge tip is tiny, so you have to go over your eyelid a lot just to cover the whole area. Here is a picture of it next to the end of a MAC 239 brush, for size reference. Neither of these complaints is anywhere near important enough to me to make me dislike these, though. They're just minor issues.

Now, for the SWATCHES! :D Here I have, from left to right: Wishing for Wings, Eaten All The Cherries, Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree, Embrace of Cashmere, and Caress of Mink. I highly encourage you to view these full size!

Check out that holographic shimmer in Wishing for Wings and Caress of Mink! Gorgeous. I have worn a few of these separately as a wash of color on my eyelids and I get compliments on my eye makeup every time. So simple to just throw on without any thought required, and yet so lovely! I may eventually pick up the other two shades, a silver and an aqua blue, but I'm more than content with these for now.

Disclaimer: I purchased the products featured in this review myself.


  1. Where did you buy these? I've never seen them, but they look gorgeous. I have brown eyes so have to be careful with browns and golds. Urban Decay Naked Set and the new one work for me. Sometimes I add a spot of color like today. I liked the brushes that were included.
    Karin Savvythinker

    1. I bought mine on Another option is :)

  2. These are beautiful! Great swatches! Wishing for Wings looks amazing :)


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