Sunday, October 14, 2012

OPI The Man with the Golden Gun

When I saw OPI's promotional picture of this polish, I had to have it. I love flaky polishes and I love gold polishes, so it was inevitable. Thankfully, I got it for significantly less than retail price on eBay! Much easier than stalking all the local beauty supply stores to snag one in person :)

Here is The Man with the Golden Gun, the 18K gold flaky top coat created to complement the OPI James Bond-themed "Skyfall" collection. I layered it over a three-day-old mani of Lex Cosmetics Lucky in Love (a dark blurple creme) because I just HAD to try it right away when I got it! It's raining and overcast here today, so I took one outdoor picture with flash, one without, and one not-as-crisp-as-usual macro:

Sorry for the chip on my thumbnail - I wore this mani for two days before I took the pics, so I think the Lex polish underneath was getting a little haggard at this point! Speaking of which, here is Lex Cosmetics Lucky in Love by itself (pics taken a few days ago in better lighting conditions) - a little darker than I normally like to wear, but perfect to apply and astonishingly glossy:

Now, this was three coats of The Man with the Golden Gun - it was definitely sparser than I'd hoped for. However, Jen from PolishAholic stated in her post that she was able to get more flakies to come out on her brush by shaking it in between nails - what a clever idea! I will have to try that next time. I also am not loving it over this super-dark creme, but I am already coming up with ideas for other polishes I think I WOULD love it over! Jen actually posted swatches of it over a ton of different colors; if you'd like to see that, please click here for her post.

What do you think? Are you loving it, or do you think the 18K gold top coat bandwagon (which it seems like every nail polish brand is hopping onto now, or will be soon) is just a passing phase? I know I "got over" crackles pretty fast... I hope my infatuation with this lasts longer. :)

Disclaimer: I purchased the products featured in this post myself.


  1. Love it!! I posted pics of my first mani with this on PoP - I had it over Essie Bahama Mama but I'd like it better over something darker like you did here. So pretty!

  2. Love! Which ebay seller did you get it from?

  3. I don't have v strong feelings either way about those gold flakies, as long as ridiculously shiny vampy shades are always around. Drooling over that Lex


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