Monday, October 8, 2012

Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadows

I have been anxiously awaiting the day that Fyrinnae would start selling some/all/ANY of their eyeshadows in pressed form. As such, when they were finally released on the Fyrinnae website (the only place a Fyrinnae lover like me can purchase their products), I picked out the colors I wanted and then anxiously refreshed the page pretty much every 30 minutes for days until I saw they were finally in stock and zoomed my way to checkout. Boy, am I ever glad I did!

I ordered Polar Bear, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Te Amo, Daemon's Tail, and Steampunk (pictured below in this order). They arrived in these lovely, sturdy silver cases with clear plastic tops, not too different from MAC eyeshadow compacts - and for those who love depotting, their pans are 1" in diameter and will fit in MAC palettes:

My experience with pressing Fyrinnae shadows myself has resulted in pans of wondrous colors that work perfectly but can be a bit fragile, so I was half worried that one or more of my pressed shadows would arrive broken, but upon playing with these I can assure you they are every bit as hardy as any other pressed eyeshadow I've ever used. They have a relatively creamy texture, so they go on smoothly with oodles and oodles of pigment, and they positively glow on the skin.

Here they are again in the same order: Polar Bear, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Te Amo, Daemon's Tail, and Steampunk (view at full size! I insist!).

Of these five, Steampunk had the driest formula, but it is still excellent overall. I did notice a problem at first where the surface seemed hardened and it was difficult to pick up pigment, but a friend pointed out to me that may have been because I finger-swatched, and she was right. Once I scraped off the top layer that I'd touched, I was able to pick up plenty of color with a brush and it worked great. The other four shades I didn't have this problem with, so if you find yourself having trouble with Steampunk in particular, try just running a clean spoolie over the top to brush off the top layer!

Overall, I am very happy with these and will probably end up ordering more at some point. I think the next ones on my list are Work Safe Blue and Meerkat, but we'll see. I've worn a few of them on my eyes so far and have had no issues whatsoever with fallout, patchiness, colors fading unevenly, or anything else one might be concerned about with a company's first foray into any new product. Simply put, I highly recommend them!

Fyrinnae, if you're listening: I know you don't have plans right now to release your blushes or highlighters in pressed form, but if you're even considering that, I just wanted to say I WOULD BUY THEM. That is all. :)

So what do you think, readers? Do you plan to buy any? If so, which colors?


  1. I ordered blush samples, but I can't deal with loose items. I make a mess because I'm clumsy. Glad to see this review and hear they're being offered in pressed forms as I'll definitely pick some up next time around. I do love their Zoidberg themed lip gloss/stain tube thing.... gorgeous. I agree with the pressed blush though. I made a mess of my desk and face with those loose powders (oooops)

  2. WOW. These shades have such an amazing complexity to them. The main reason I haven't purchased Fyrinnae in the past is because they're loose shadows... now that they come in a pressed version, I don't think I'll be able to resist. :)


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