Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shiseido Camellia Compact for Holiday 2012

Walking through my Macy's last week, I stumbled across this compact on display by the Shiseido counter and was immediately drawn to it. "Pretty!" I hadn't even heard of it or seen any buzz about it online, so I was a bit surprised, but definitely curious. This is called the "Camellia compact," and it's a new limited-edition item for holiday 2012.

Here it is with the overspray on top:

And with the overspray brushed off:

I couldn't find any good swatches of this online, and there was no tester at the counter, so I figured I would take one for the beauty blogging team and give it a try. There wasn't a lot of information about how you're meant to use it, so I tried it a few different ways. First, here are some swatches: on the far left is the white, which was somewhat hard and low in pigmentation (it was difficult to get it to show up on my skin at all), then the petal pink color, then the rosy red color, then all three blended together.

As you can see, the rosy red is definitely the dominant shade; the version with all the colors mixed together is pretty similar to how the reddish color looks by itself. You can see the white gently reflecting on my skin here if you view the image full size:

I was honestly not too thrilled with this at first. The white is barely visible, the pink is lovely but a very "common" color, and the red is quite interesting but too small to pick up with a blush brush by itself. I tried applying all three colors swirled together on my cheeks with a blush brush and like the overall look. I can't speak to the lasting power yet though, as this is my first time trying it today. UPDATE: It lasts REALLY well. It was slightly faded but I could still see it on after 10 hours. Nice!

I also figured, just for fun, I'd try it on my eyes. I had an easier time picking up the white with an eyeshadow brush, and used that shade as a brow highlight. I put the pink color on my lid and the red in the crease/outer corner. I think it actually looks fun and interesting like this - more of an "editorial look," not one I'd wear to work in a professional environment, but it's pretty:

(Please excuse the wonky mascara. I applied the blush/shadow after mascara today, as a sort of afterthought, then got shadow on my upper lashes so tried to put another coat of mascara on over my already-completely-dry mascara. Not my favorite lash look, but I digress.)

So anyway. I wouldn't call the Camellia compact an absolute must-have unless you're a collector or you love red blush/eyeshadow. However, if it appeals to you here, I will say the quality is decent (okay on the white part, excellent on the pink and red parts) so it's worth picking up - and quickly, before it's sold out!

What do you think? Are you going to run out and buy this? I purchased mine from Macy's in Downtown Seattle, and I believe their Shiseido counter can still ship it to you at this point if you want to give them a call (any order over $50 ships free; 206-506-6000).

Also, get ready for a fun week coming up: this week is going to be Rouge Bunny Rouge swatch week! :)


  1. Its pretty... But not colors I would wear everyday...

  2. Great swatches! I just bought this compact tonight - I HAD to have it after spying it in the display. The SA did a quick look on me, applying the red and pink shades on my lids, mixing with grey / black shadows for a sultry look. I would have never thought to use this compact for my eyes! It looks really nice on you - very fresh but sophisticated. I can't wait to play around with this compact... and the packaging is nicely designed too.


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