Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NYX Slide On Eye Pencils: Swatches, Comparisons, and Review

I found out about NYX Slide On Eye Pencils on Makeup Alley recently, and to be honest, I probably never would have considered buying any if they hadn't gotten such raves on there because all the ones at my Ulta are badly molested, all the time. In this particular instance, though, I figured they were worth a try anyway, and I'd just have to sharpen them before using at home!

These are EXCELLENT, smooth, long-wearing pencils. Very comparable quality to high-end brands (I compare them here to YSL, Urban Decay, etc. - I did a wear test comparing the dupey colors and NYX perfectly matched YSL and UD on wear time), and as you will see, some of the colors are *ahem* quite similar.

Left to right: NYX Sunrise Blue Slide On and Urban Decay Deviant 24/7 (perfect dupes, cannot tell them apart); NYX Purple Blaze Slide On and MAC Rave Pearlglide (which has similar shimmer but a more blackened base)

It is worth noting here that the NYX purple liner is the single most opaque purple eyeliner pencil I've ever tried! It is fully opaque in one pass/does not require multiple lining attempts.

NYX Glitzy Gold Slide On and Yves St. Laurent Luminescent Gold Waterproof Eye Pencil. I had to label these because I could not tell them apart! I am prepared to call these exact dupes.

Left to right: NYX Tropical Green Slide On, L'Oreal Emerald Extra-Intense Eyeliner, CoverGirl Jade Vivid Impact Eyeliner (why do I keep buying the same shades over and over again?). I am prepared to call all of these dupes.

Left to right: NYX Jewel Slide On and MAC Almost Noir Pearlglide (similar base color to Jewel but more sparkly); NYX Golden Bronze Slide On and MAC Rich Ground Fluidline (not dupes as I expected - NYX Golden Bronze is more coppery, while Rich Ground is more brown - but if you've been looking for a pencil version of Rich Ground, this is the closest thing I've found)

YAY! I love these and will definitely be looking into more colors. What about you? And how do you feel about this new swatching style (bigger patches with more space between them, rather than the closer-together vertical stripes I normally do)?

Disclaimer: I purchased the product(s) featured in this post myself.


  1. Wow! Thanks for doing this comparison! I have also heard rave reviews of these eyeliners, so it is nice to see it next to other brands! I'm definitely going to try the black one when I get through some of the black liners I'm using now.

  2. Love the review and all of the comparisons. I hadn't heard about these, but they look AMAZING and I'm super excited that they're just as good as more expensive products. I love that Ulta frequently has sales on NYX products, but like you said, the products sometimes are a little worse for wear.


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