Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

One product that's been getting a lot of hype online lately is Jordana's Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara. I believe this can be purchased online, but I found mine at Walgreens for $3. FYI, the Jordana products can be a bit hard to spot: they are almost always housed as a part of the cash wrap stand in cosmetics there, rather than in the aisles with other products, in my experience.

So. This mascara is certainly not awful at all, but I am on the verge of throwing out my tube or offering it to my sister even though it's not nearly empty. Here is why.


- I get beautiful, long, fluttery, clump-free lashes after one coat.
- The wand is on the small side and quite easy to work with. (I forgot to take a pic, but Nouveau Cheap has a good one here. Her full review is here, though I do feel it's important to point out that I had a very different experience from her with this mascara.)
- Very easy to remove with a regular cleanser or eye makeup remover.


- After two coats, my lashes look so long - and NOT exceptionally thick - that they look spidery to me. (And evidently to my kitten as well, who started batting at my eyes like they were a bug after I put on the second coat.)
- The formula is so wet that I found it difficult to work with. Don't get confused based on what I wrote about the wand above; I think the wand is great and would work well with a slightly drier formula. However, this formula is so very wet that TONS of product comes out on the wand and transfers to my lashes with each coat. My lashes have some natural lift to them as it is, so I don't always curl them; with Best Lash Extreme, even when I don't curl my lashes I still get little black transfer spots all over my lids, as you can see in the second picture below.

This is with two coats on uncurled lashes (I also tightlined with MAC Blacktrack, but have no concealer or much else on):

And finally, the part that is a complete dealbreaker for me: this is the LEAST water-resistant mascara I've ever tried. Now, it's not marketed as being waterproof or water-resistant, so I don't think it's fair to say that this mascara doesn't live up to its claims. However, my eyes can get very watery, and when my eyes start to water even a LITTLE bit, this mascara immediately starts to smear everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! It's not pretty. I've tried dozens of other non-waterproof mascaras that were equally easy to remove as this one, but that held up to my watery eyes far better than this one does.

So, if your eyes are not watery at all and you prefer long lashes and a wet formula, you might absolutely love this mascara. If any of those statements do not apply to you, I can't recommend it.

Disclaimer: I purchased the product(s) featured in this post myself.


  1. Can I just say you have the most amazing lashes?!? Wow girl. Anyways, I completely agree with your review! However, it being a wetter formula is a total "pro" for me. I like me a wet 'scara. It does run with even a smidge of moisture...ugh. Worst crying mascara ever. But, I still love it. It's what I'm currently using unless I'm going waterproof.

  2. Oh no not runny mascara! I tend to rub my eyes when I am tired, bored, or whatever so I can only imagine I would have raccoon eyes

  3. I don't think any mascara could make your eyes and lashes look *bad* but your review pressed a lot of my "not for me" buttons. Thanks, doll :* I'd been lemming this against my better judgement


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