Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dermaplaning with Dior and Alicha Thornton-Ray

Today I had the pleasure of working with Alicha Thornton-Ray and experiencing her wonderful dermaplaning facial for the second time in my life, and certainly not the last.

Alicha is a National Skincare Specialist with Dior, which means she travels around the country (her LinkedIn profile says from Dallas to the West Coast) doing facials and teaching clients about Dior skincare. I first met her when I was working as a Dior counter manager and we did an event together at my counter almost a year ago. That was the first time she gave me a facial, and it changed my life. As in, "MY FACE IS SO SMOOTH!" was all I could think for days, and then after that every time my birthday and Christmas rolled around I would poke around the internet looking for reviews of spas offering dermaplaning (to ask for a gift certificate) but could never find one that I was convinced would be as amazing as Alicha's was. Today I ran into her by accident while visiting the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom on my lunch break and promised to come back after work when she offered to give me another dermaplaning facial. I did, and am just as thrilled as I was after the first one!

Dermaplaning is a service during which a pro esthetician uses a tool on your face that I (as a non-professional) can best describe as a dull but clean-edged blade on a gently vibrating handle to smooth the facial surface. When you see Alicha, she cleanses your face, "lubes" the skin up (my terminology) with cleansing milk and Evian spray, and then runs this tool all over your face, avoiding the brows as it will remove hair much like shaving your face would. The difference between this service and simply shaving your face is that she concentrates in the areas with clogged pores and that "need help" to really get out the gunk and smooth the surface of the skin, and you will NOT get cut by this tool. I think the vibration also helps push gunk out of the pores, similar to how a Clarisonic works. Alicha even shows you on a cotton pad at the end "all the gunk that came out of your face!" ... eww, but impressive. She follows it up by either applying for you or having you apply the Dior skincare that is best for your skin type and needs and talking the products through with you so you know how to use them (if needed).

But the best part (in addition to the pleasure of chatting with Alicha)? My skin is SO SMOOTH. Smoother than a baby's bottom. Hairless in all the areas I'd want it to be hairless, and not bumpy or uneven in the LEAST. When I got home tonight, Boyfriend's first words after our greeting were "your skin is so glowy!" I would literally do this once a week if I could afford it!

To receive a dermaplaning facial from Alicha, you simply have to make an appointment with your local Dior counter when she's in town and buy some Dior product(s) (the minimum purchase will vary depending on what store you're at). From what I know, she works in at least Macy's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus stores. If you're excited about the prospect of working with her (and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT), call your local Dior counter(s) and ask them to let you know if/when she's going to be in their store for an event in the future! And if you meet Alicha, tell her Kristina from Bellevue, WA sent you! :)

Disclaimer: I received this service from a friend, but I purchased product (as a customer would be expected to do) and was not compensated in any way for this review. (I didn't even warn poor Alicha that I was going to do it!) I also no longer work for Dior, if that matters.

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