Saturday, September 29, 2012

Butter London Two Fingered Salute

I saw pictures of this nail polish on a few blogs and suddenly it was my biggest nail polish WANT (yes, that strong of an emotion deserves all capital letters) in months. I called my local Nordstrom immediately, having read that this was a Nordstrom-exclusive shade, and picked it up the next day.

The shade itself does not disappoint: it is unique and truly stunning. (CLICK THE PICTURES TO VIEW FULL SIZE!) The shimmer is flaky, uneven, and reflects both pink and gold. It makes me think of something antique, almost like a gold and jade vase one would find in a museum. It gives me a slight "lobster hands" effect (makes my skin look pink in contrast with the soft green), but I adore it anyway.

The formula leaves a lot to be desired, though. It was uneven and streaky in one coat, and mildly gloopy to apply (nothing some thinner probably wouldn't fix, but it's a brand new bottle!). It evened out nicely in two coats; what you see in the pictures is two coats over Gelous base coat and under Seche Vite top coat. Here's the really sad part though: I did this manicure this morning, took the pictures about two hours later, and had three giant chips just a few hours after that. The manicure didn't even last through my work day before it was peeling off most of my nails. Huh?! I have never seen such bad wear from a nail polish, and I promise you I know all the tricks to help make it last (cleaning off nail beds with remover before application, using thinner coats, waiting long enough between coats, wrapping the tips, etc.).

So. I think I may still keep this polish and will still recommend it to you just because I adore the color so so so much (!!!!!) but please be warned that the formula blows chunks!

I purchased this from my local Nordstrom. An absolutely wonderful sales associate named Amanda helped me - it was her first day on the job, but you'd never know it - she really knows her stuff! She's definitely a makeup junkie like me and we totally bonded. If you're thinking of ordering this or anything else, give her a call and I'm sure she'd be thrilled to send it to you free of charge! Call 425-455-5800 and ask for Amanda with Philosophy. :)

Disclaimer: I may have blurred out a couple of kitty bites and cuticle uglies that I know no one wants to see.


  1. Looks lovely on you : ) Sucks that the formula blows! I hate when I get soo excited to try a polish & it just doesn't go on quite right.

  2. Love the color and your nails are pretty!

  3. Gorgeous!! I want this so bad!

  4. such an unusual colour! love it xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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    1. Liloo, thank you so much for your informative and kindly worded comment. I actually hadn't even realized people had to use the "captcha" system to comment on my blog - of course it doesn't make ME do it when I reply to comments! :) I have edited my settings so it should be removed now. Please let me know if you have any more trouble. Thanks again for letting me know about that issue!


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