Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Blonde Moment with Zoya FeiFei

So this is just plain going to be making fun of myself. But I'm still laughing at my mistake, so I thought perhaps you would too.

Yesterday on my lunch break I was sitting at a picnic table in the shade on a sunny day when I noticed that my nail polish, Zoya FeiFei, had RAINBOWS all over it. I was freaking out, thinking, "this polish is actually holographic! Zoya's never done that before! HOLY CRAP, I better take some pictures or no one is going to believe this!" So I did, with my iPhone:

I posted these pictures and my exclamations on the MUA Nail Board and got a lot of "WHOA!"s and "WOW!"s until someone asked... "could it be a reflection?"

So I looked around... nothing... then up... and realized I was sitting under a rainbow umbrella much like this one.


So, no, FeiFei is not holographic. It's still beautiful, though! :)


  1. i'm sorry but i think this is HYSTERICAL! sounds like something i'd do. XD

    1. No need to be sorry, I thought it was pretty funny too once I realized my mistake :)

  2. Hahaha! I would so do this. Yep nothing like a day like that to make me feel dumb. It sure was pretty holographic even if it was just a reflection.


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