Monday, August 20, 2012

SMASH Mineral Eyeshadows

I'm not usually super big on loose mineral shadows, but I love trying new and different colors (and sometimes indie mineral brands come up with some of the most unique and creative shades!), so when Ashleigh of SMASH on Etsy offered to send some press samples, I jumped at the chance. I promised her swatches and an honest review, and said I would try to post some eye makeup looks showing different color combinations, too. I haven't gotten around to doing EOTDs with any of these yet, but I will soon! In the meantime, here are the swatches of the colors she sent and my thoughts on them. (All swatches are done dry over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. If you can't get your hands on that, which is my first choice, I highly recommend Too Faced Glitter Glue to use under loose eyeshadows. Makes them so much easier to work with, and no fallout!)


Under my Ottlite:

Angelite is a charcoal with multi-colored shimmer; not super unique, but very smooth and pretty.

Disoriented is what I like to call an "ugly-pretty" color. It kind of looks like snot, but if you know how to work with colors like that, you can really use them to make your eyes pop. Kind of like how you can still look adorable in a cozy "ugly sweater" in the wintertime... know what I mean? This is definitely one I'll be experimenting with on my eyes.

Emerald is a very pretty emerald color (aptly named), but I can't recommend it because the texture of it made it difficult to work with - it was very crumbly, sort of like some of the drier MAC pigments I've tried. Once I smashed the crumbs into my arm it swatched beautifully, but I wouldn't want to treat my eyelids that way. It might be workable if you mixed it with a mixing medium and a brush and smashed it around on a petri dish or something like that first so you were working with a cream/paste rather than a powder - that sounds like too much work for my tastes, though.

FOOLS GOLD. UNF. I want to hump this one! Smooth, uber-pigmented, glorious, almost duochromatic-looking in some lighting situations. I want to go clubbing just so I can have an excuse to totally glam up my eyes with this over a black cream base! And this is another aptly named one - the color really is perfect when I think of a piece of fool's gold (I used to collect "special" rocks as a kid... yeah).

Haliai is a plummy pink with silver shimmer. I might try this on the lips mixed with a bit of gloss - I can see it being very pretty that way. No application issues here either. (I don't get the name, though. I just Googled it, and it's a sea nymph. Are sea nymphs pink? I didn't know that...)

Hell is a fun one. Super vivid, and another one I'd like to try on lips. I'm a bit afraid to try Haliai and Hell on my eyelids, because after I wiped off my swatches, I discovered that one of them had BADLY stained my arm (the stain lasted for two days). I couldn't replicate the placement of the swatches well enough in my head to figure out which one it was, though. Ohhh, Hell is such a hot color though (no pun intended), I'm dying to try it out somehow!

Jaded... hmm. This one had a really interesting, satin-matte sort of finish. It didn't respond quite as well to the Pixie Epoxy, as you can see by the darkness around the edges of the swatch. I can imagine this shade looking very flattering on a variety of skin tones and eye colors, but need to come up with specific ways to use it... maybe on the lid with a smoky, dusty blue in the crease. I'd welcome any suggestions you have on this one for experimentation!

Metallic White is another aptly named one... it's a shimmery white. A bit sheer, but in my experience most white eyeshadows are. I think this one could make a good brow and cheek highlighter.

Mint is, er, a shimmery mint color. It's a color I love in clothing and nail polish, but for some reason just can't get excited about in eyeshadow form. Maybe I just need to play with it some more. The quality on this one was just fine, I just need to mess around with the color, I think.

Morganite is a shimmery baby pink. I almost want to try this as a blush - I wonder if it would be too shimmery? I'll have to report back on that one too. It might also work nicely on the lid with a purple in the crease.

Sunshine was like Emerald - a beautiful sunny yellow, but a very crumbly texture I found difficult to work with. With that said, every yellow I've ever found has been difficult to work with, and this one yielded far more opaque results than any of those other ones, so if you're looking for a good yellow this one might be worth the trouble!

Winter Wonderland is a pretty, shimmery baby blue. I don't know why, but the name bugs me. Maybe I'm just sick of the phrase, or maybe that it's 80 degrees outside. Anyway, the color is beautiful and I love blues so I'll definitely be trying this one out on my eyes too.

Last but not least, Wisteria. MY FAVORITE, along with Fools Gold. This one is the most unique one of the bunch, in my opinion! The base color seems to shift between teal and gray and it has the prettiest sparkles - I can see blue, green, purple, silver... yum!

I received these samples for free for consideration, but I can definitely see myself using up and buying full sizes of Fools Gold and Wisteria at least. You can find Ashleigh's shop HERE on Etsy (that's a regular link, not some kind of referral link!) to buy the colors. I also think it worth mentioning that Ashleigh's shop presentation is beautiful - I love the way the shadows look like they're bursting out of the jars, and her pictures are wonderfully clear and color-accurate. So many Etsy sellers have crappy-looking storefronts and it's clear Ashleigh has put time and care into making hers look lovely!

What do you think? Are you going to be checking out any of these colors yourself? What colors and/or combinations would you like to see me do EOTDs with? Please, I want to hear your feedback and ideas, thanks! :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe how vibrant these colors are! I like emerald and fools gold

    1. I know! Ashleigh (the shop owner) has a great eye for color!


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