Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

In my last post, I promised you swatches... well, here they are!

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (see my last post for bottle pics) is what's known as a "flakie" polish (don't ask me why it's not "flaky"), which means that it has thin, irregular-shaped, foil-like particles suspended in a translucent, jelly-like base. Some flakies have enough color to their bases that they can be worn alone, but I wouldn't do that with Hidden Treasure; just not my style, I guess. What I do love it for is layering over other colors - and after some experimentation, I've found that I prefer it over dark or bright colors, and usually better over cremes. It doesn't show up as well over lighter shades.

But showing is better than telling, right? :) I swatched this over some random shades I like to pair with it for you (and a couple of lighter ones I don't like as much with it, just so you can see why). I didn't want to be mean and not show you what the polishes look like by themselves, too, so we'll start with those pictures.

Here we have two coats each of Anise Grape Idea! (less blue-toned than it appears in the picture), Zoya Lael, Claire's Magic, and Rimmel Rave (dark shimmery red, though it looks almost black here):

And here are the same colors with one coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure layered on top of each:

Here we have two coats each of American Apparel Downtown LA, Peacock, Hunter, and Office:

And here are the same colors with one coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure layered on top of each:

Oooo, pretty!

Hidden Treasure really shines the most over a black creme, but I've already seen about a million pictures of it like that, so I figured I'd save myself a few minutes and skip it. You can find some great pictures of it layered over black (and by itself, if that interests you) here on Scrangie's blog - she's one of my favorite nail polish bloggers!

A little more relevant babble: I love American Apparel nail polishes (!!!). You can buy these for $6 each or 3/$15 at any American Apparel store or on their website. I also love Anise nail polishes, which are (as far as I know) only available for purchase in DSW stores (yes, I'm talking about the shoe store). They're $5.50 each and pretty much always on sale for BOGO50% off. Zoya nail polishes are $7 and available online at (and if you haven't heard about it yet, check out the Earth Day polish exchange deal on their site!). As far as I know, the Claire's and Rimmel shades are no longer available - sorry 'bout that. Any shimmery purple or red will work nicely, though! And of course, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure retails for $7-8 and is sneakily making its way into stores all over the country - from what I've heard, mostly Walgreens, but some have also seen it at Wal-Mart and Rite Aid. I haven't seen it for sale online as of yet.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Hidden Treasure


  1. I love this post!

    I'm very excited to get my grubby little hands on it. :)

  2. I'm tired of the search and wish that Hidden Treasure will just show up!

    It's my first time coming across an Anise color though and that is one hot color there.

    I love these swatches btw!

  3. Belle - I may have to do a post sometime with all my Anise colors... I have lots now, and SO much love for all of them! One other color of theirs, Play it Cool, is one of my all-time-favorite nail polishes. Amusingly, it's actually much closer in real life to the color that Grape Idea! appears to be in the pictures above - a very blue-based mid-tone purple creme. Of course, THAT one photographs bright blue. You can't win! XD

  4. ooOooo well isn't that neat! gimme gimme! =]

  5. I will be pissed if this isn't released in Canada! lol All the nail blogs are featuring it and it has got me wanting at least a few bottles of this magical stuff XD

  6. I still cant get over how it looks over dark cremes :3

  7. Wow...this stuff is incredible! I'll see if I can find it here in London.

  8. I've been looking for Hidden Treasure like crazy! Can't find it anywhere. It looks so beautiful.

  9. If you can´t find hidden treasure, look up nubar - 2010, also with flakes =)


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