Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some important changes to the blog...

Dear readers,

I'm sorry about all the wordy posts/lack of swatches lately, and thanks in advance for reading this one anyway despite its conformity to that trend; I promise I'll get back to the kind of posts you know and love soon. :) For now, I have some news for you:

... I transferred authorship of this blog (and ownership of all its widgets and stuff like that) over from my personal Google account to my Sasquatch Swatch email account to minimize confusion and blog-related emails to my personal email address. Everything should look the same on the blog; as far as I can tell, the only difference that may affect you is that if you subscribe to the blog by email, those emails will now be coming from the email address sasquatchswatch (at) gmail (dot) com. (If you're not a subscriber but would like to be, you can subscribe by entering your email address in the FeedBurner box in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Your email address will not be shared with anyone or spammed, I promise!)

... I can't believe I'm writing this, but I signed up for Twitter (username SasquatchSwatch). If you'd like to, you can follow me there. I am still completely baffled by Twitter, so please bear with me as I figure it out!

... I'm going to remove the "Coming Soon!" section of the sidebar unless anyone has any serious objections because it takes up too much space and can be misleading (some of that stuff has been up there for months and I still haven't posted about it). Anyone who wants to know what's in store for the future or submit requests is still more than welcome to do so, of course; just email me.

... I'm also looking into adding a small amount of advertising content to the site because, quite frankly, I'm kind of broke and could use even a little bit of extra income if I want to be able to keep swatching/keep the blog going in the future. For this reason, you may notice a couple of new links or ad boxes on the blog over the next month or two. If you have any feedback or questions for me about the changes, please feel free to contact me. I assure you they will not be obtrusive or annoying; I'd rather stop blogging entirely than allow my site to become overrun with advertising!

... Lastly, it has recently come to my attention that the Federal Trade Commission has modified its laws and guidelines for bloggers who endorse/recommend products, and in a way that actually makes me very happy. If you'd like to read the press release yourself, click here. The important part is where it says "bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service." For the world of beauty blogging, this means that anyone who gets paid to review products or receives products for free is required to disclose that information when blogging about the relevant products. This is all part of an effort to cut down on deception and misleading advertising. I don't know about you, but I definitely take the reviews written by bloggers, vloggers, etc. with a grain of salt when I can tell they're receiving products for free, getting paid, and/or skirting questions about their relationships with cosmetic companies - so I'm thrilled by this call for transparency.

As of today, I have never received payment for reviewing a product, nor have I written any posts reviewing products I received for free. I have received products from exactly two companies with the implicit or explicit understanding that I would review them. For the first, Revlon, I just have not had a chance to write my review yet (and you bet I will let you know what was given to me when I make that post). The second is Paula's Choice, which sent some products at my request for me to use as giveaway prizes (specifically, of a product I've already repurchased several times myself, knew I loved, and asked them to contribute to a giveaway) that I've already mentioned in a previous post - and likewise, I will get that started soon, but haven't gotten to it yet.

Moral of the story
: if companies want to send me products to review, great. If I like what I receive, I'll review it. If I don't, I'll either not post about it at all or I'll post and tell you exactly what I dislike about it (depending on the company and situation, obviously). And if I have any concerns about the safety of a product, I will post about it no matter what, like I did with the Jane AguaMousse eyeshadows. And I guess I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure I don't have to spend my own money on something to know whether or not I would do so. Figuring that out is really as simple as asking myself, "if I'd paid $10 cash for this, would I be returning it right now and getting my $10 back?" or "if I could sell this right now for $10 (or whatever its retail price is), would I do it?" ... that's all there is to it!

Stepping off my soapbox now. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the above changes, so please feel free to leave comments.


  1. I agree with you completely about free product.

  2. I am following you on Twitter now - I admit I don't use it much unless updating a blog post lol

  3. twitter is a lovely tool and all...but honestly
    i don't know what to tweet...I mean I seriously don;t think anybody cares if I had coffee or!!


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