Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sort-of-Long Update (I'd say "Quick Update, but that would be a lie)

Hi friends!

I know this may be a disappointing post for some of you because I don't have any new swatches to show you right now, but I just wanted to check in with you about a few things:

1) I am not dead! I've just been way busier with schoolwork this semester than I'd originally anticipated. I'm graduating college this year and have been writing my thesis this semester, which is both a fun adventure and a challenge unlike any other I've encountered in my life thus far. So that's primarily what's been keeping me from blogging regularly. I do miss it, though! :)

2) I do have new swatches and can't wait to show them to you - I'm just afraid if I start going through my pictures now, I won't get anything done all night (it's a pretty time-consuming process to sort through the pics, choose the best ones, crop them, resize them, label them, etc. - and that's not including writing the reviews!). Hopefully one day soon I'll get a chance to take care of all that. I do feel like a total schmuck for promising new swatches and not delivering (like with the last two Fantasy Makers duos - oops, now it's halfway through November and the Halloween displays have turned into Christmas displays!), but I have to make school my first priority, so sometimes that's just the way it has to be.

3) On the topic of feeling like a schmuck, I realize I've totally failed to update you regularly on the progress of my "Baroque Challenge." In short, I'm not sure if I'll succeed or not. With 10 days left until November 25th, I have 4 pounds to go (I've lost six so far). Maybe doable, maybe not. The same thing that's been keeping me from blogging (yes, Thesis, I'm talking to you) has also been limiting my time to exercise and cook healthy meals, so losing weight has not been an easy feat. With that said - while I am a little discouraged at the thought of not meeting my goal by the release of MAC's Baroque Boudoir collection, I am nevertheless proud of what I've accomplished so far. Today I went to the Gap (30% off Friends & Family/Teach for America charity sale, woot!) for a new pair of jeans, picked out what I thought was a pair from this cool new style, tried them on, immediately decided to buy them (they look HOT!), then looked at the tag and realized they must have been shelved in the wrong place: they were exactly the pair I was already wearing, but one size smaller! That was exhilarating, let me tell you. :) So maybe I'll get there, maybe I won't - but I'm starting to realize that this challenge has certainly evolved for me - I want to lose weight now because I feel better about myself these days (a little more every day, in fact), not because I want new makeup. I'm sure I'll still want something from the Baroque collection, but I'm not lusting after it anymore... now I'm lusting after going home for Christmas and seeing my family and friends look surprised at my new figure! It's funny how sometimes you make a goal and eventually the means come to mean more to you than the end... life can be weird that way.

4) Once I'm able to dive back into blogging again, I have some more exciting things to share with you in addition to the new swatches! One of my goals for the near future is to do some posts on my favorite products (i.e., favorite skin care and hair care products, favorite drugstore makeup, favorite high-end makeup [that I think is worth the money], application techniques I like to use, etc.), as well as some more giveaways. Last week I contacted Paula's Choice, a company that makes a couple of my favorite skincare products (though I am by no means a disciple of the Gospel of Paula or any other specified regimen, so fear not, there will be no glassy-eyed rambling from me). I'd never done this before, but I told them my plans and idea, and asked whether they might be willing to contribute one or two of my favorite products for me to use as prizes in a giveaway. Well, apparently they like me, because they're sending a lot more than one or two items - so there will definitely be some fantastic 'Squatch giveaways coming soon!

5) Last issue, and this is actually a question for you, readers! This is a bit embarrassing, but: there are a few things that I swatched such a long time ago and still haven't gotten around to posting that they're not as new/exciting as they used to be, or in some cases aren't available in stores anymore like the Fantasy Makers duos. Assuming these items could still be obtained in some manner (on eBay, through me, through swapping, etc.), do you still want me to post the swatches? Or would it just make you sad/mad for me to show you products that could end up being a total pain in the butt for you to acquire?

Check me out being all high-tech - I even made a poll so those of you who can't or don't want to leave comments can share your opinions! (It's a Flash poll since Blogger doesn't allow Javascript, so if you can't see it below, you may need to update your browser's Flash plug-in or temporarily disable your Flash blocker.) Thanks in advance for your input, and for your patience with me as I try not to let my schoolwork eat me alive! :)


  1. Definitely post the older swatches. I'm a MUAer like you and I'll know what to look out for. They'll still be beautiful to look at regardless.

  2. Hey, don't beat yourself up. Life first, blogging later. Work on your thesis and take care of your future and well-being. We'll still be here! =)But it would be wise if you can develop a habit of visiting the gym (or workout video or similar physical activity) and eating healthful foods. Nothing is more deteriorating to our everyday lives than an unhealthy self. I love your swatches. I've been following your blog before I started my own. They're real helpful and I can tell that it's a pain in the ass to take all those pictures and keep track of them in an organized manner. All swatches are appreciated, discontinued or not. Have a good day!


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