Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners for Winter/Spring 2009

Readers, I have good news and bad news for you! The good: Urban Decay has released six new shades of 24/7 eyeliners! The bad: each of the shades can ONLY be purchased inside sets with a bunch of the previously-existing shades (which means that most makeup junkies will end up with lots of doubles if they want the new shades). Here's the breakdown regarding the new shades:

Mildew (deep shimmery green): exclusive to Hi-Fi set, $29, which also includes Zero, Flipside, 1999, and Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (ugh) in Distortion. The four 24/7s are mini sizes; the glitter liner is full-size.

Crash (rich eggplant with silver glitter): exclusive to Stereophonic set, $29, which also includes Zero, Underground, Gunmetal, and Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy (double ugh). Again, the four 24/7s are minis, and the glitter liner is full-size.

(neutral brown with light copper shimmer and silver glitter), Binge (shimmery indigo), Eldorado (shimmery yellow-gold), and Oil Slick (black with silver glitter): exclusive to the 24/7 Super Stash, $36, which also includes Zero, Graffiti, Ransom, Rockstar and Stash. These aren't just mini-sized, they're, like... bite-sized... at just under 2-3/4" from tip to tip, uncapped. Even with their caps on, they're still shorter than my middle finger (I bet you can imagine what I'd like to say to Urban Decay with that finger, too). For 9 liners, they're only $4 each, but I only really like a few of the shades anyway, which makes those few feel tiny liners pretty damn expensive.

I've swatched the new liners in comparison to a few similar-ish shades from the permanent line, just for kicks. I left out some of the ones that I knew I wouldn't want to keep (like Ransom, Graffiti, and Zero, to name a few examples) out so I'd have the option of selling them in new condition. You can find my swatches and review of Flipside, Graffiti, Ransom, and Underground here, and the lovely KarlaSugar's swatches of the complete 24/7 line (minus the holiday exclusive shades) here.

Here are the close-ups of my swatches:

I was ecstatically looking forward to Binge when I heard there was finally going to be a navy 24/7, but that was a letdown for me - in my opinion, Binge isn't navy at all. It's a bright indigo, and not very pigmented. :(

I love Rockstar and Stash, and Eldorado on my waterline, but I'm disappointed with the sizes of the pencils in the Super Stash. I've been told that the set-exclusive shades will be released individually this spring; I can't wait until I can buy Eldorado on its own (I already have full sizes of Rockstar and Stash).

It was also kind of pointless to buy the Stereophonic set just for Crash; Crash is just Rockstar with silver glitter, pretty much, and I don't feel like I need both. Gunmetal is growing on me and Underground has been one of my favorite eyeliners since it came out in January, though, so that set isn't a total loss.

I do like Mildew very much, so the Hi-Fi set was a better choice. Mildew has the same pigmentation problem as Binge, but I love the color so much (Mildew eyeshadow has to be one of my favorite greens ever!) that I'm willing to ignore that in this case. And, as ever, I adore Flipside, and I'd been wanting 1999 for a while anyway - don't ask me why, I know it has glitter, but for some reason I do kind of like that one.

As I mentioned in my last post, Sephora is currently having a 20% off Friends and Family sale online (code: FF2009), but Urban Decay has also hinted that they will soon be having their own Friends and Family sale. In the past, Urban Decay's F and F sales have been for 30% off, so if you want any of these sets, it might be worth waiting for Urban Decay's sale unless you have a Sephora gift card to burn or something like that.

That's all, folks!

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: Corrupt, Underground, Baked, Eldorado, Oil Slick, Gunmetal, Mildew, Stash, Rockstar, Crash, 1999, Binge


  1. I am with you. Though... I really wish the UD 24/7s lasted better on my eyes. So far, I only have a full-size of Stash since the color is sooooo purdy I am willing to deal with the smudging after 5-6hrs. I love the look of Rockstar, Mildew, Underground, Corrupt and Eldorado... but if they're gonna smudge on me too, I'm definitely skipping. *sigh* I think I need to just suck it up and get some of the MUFEs.

  2. Great swatches. Too bad that Urban Decay is not available in our country :(

  3. Thank you for the swatches...now i can redecide if i wana buy this in sephora sale...

  4. thank you so much for these swatches. I was looking for swatches of the different 24/7 liners and this is perfect.

    Im a new follower and love your blog.


  5. Love your blog! Your swatches look beautiful! Love seeing the color so perfectly laid out on your arm! Can you post swatches of the new shine blast glosses by Cover girl?

  6. Hi inspiringbeautycreator,

    I just answered this comment on the CoverGirl TruShine post as well, but in case this is where you end up checking back - I haven't seen these yet, but I'll be on the lookout for them. Thanks!


  7. Hello,

    Can you review the new Heidi Klum for Victoria's Secret 2009 collection? So far I've only heard good things, and when I saw them in store everything looked gorgeous. But I know you do really great swatches and I'd love to see them. Thanks!

  8. Hi Nou,

    The only VS store near me that carries the makeup line isn't very accessible, but I'll do my best - thanks for the request!



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