Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Potpourri of Thoughts on Clinique's Black Tie Violets Collection and Much, Much More

There has been a lot of hype over Clinique's new Violet Luxe Brush-On Cream Liner (limited edition with the Winter 2009 Black Tie Violets collection) on the MUA Makeup Board, so I was extremely excited to get it when I found out my Nordstrom had it in-stock and available for sale last week. I hurried over there and picked it up after very briefly checking out the tester, as I knew it was LE, have otherwise only had good experiences with the Clinique cream liners, and could clearly see that the Violet Luxe color was gorgeous.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much where my excitement ended. I took it home, tried it on my eyes that night, and found - to my frustration - that it just wouldn't go on evenly. I kept trying to layer it, but consistently ended up with a sheer purple line with a super thin, darker line just above it where the product kind of clumped up... not attractive (you know, almost like what you see when someone has applied false eyelashes too far from their lash line - there's a visible gap between the lash line and the line of product).

I tried to swatch it on my arm tonight, and experienced the same problem. This eyeliner is just not very pigmented, period. I'd give it three out of five stars overall because the Violet Luxe color really is stunning, but the quality of this particular cream liner shade is majorly lacking. I decided to take a picture comparing it to the other two Clinique cream liners I have (Bronze and Egyptian, both of which are discontinued but available at many cosmetic outlet stores), and then threw in the Stila Bronze Smudge Pot for good measure since I've heard people comparing Clinique's and Stila's bronzes before. On that note, let me take this opportunity to mention that Stila's Bronze Smudge Pot is one of my all-time favorite eyeliners!

Definitely view this one close-up, too. You can really see how Violet Luxe is easily the least pigmented of the four, and that's after I layered it on as thickly as I could (seriously). Sad to say it, but I think this is going back to Nordstrom! :(

In any case, if you still want it (lol), Violet Luxe is available now on Nordstrom's website and in some Nordstrom stores, and should be available from everyone that sells Clinique over the next couple of months, I believe. It retails for $14.50.

P.S. - I did check out the other items from the Black Tie Violets collection, and while I didn't swatch them, I'll share with you my thoughts in brief: the lip products are nice, but everything else underwhelmed me. The blush was shrug-worthy, but then again, I'm not generally a fan of blushes with stripes. The eyeshadow quad was even less pigmented than the eyeliner and just plain sucked, I'm sorry to say. (But before you think I just denounce everything Clinique, I should also mention that the Totally Neutral eyeshadow trio is one of my most used products and the only palette that goes with me EVERY time I travel... and I adore the Cream Shaper pencils... so there you go.)

P.P.S. - I found a few more LOTDs hiding in an archived folder on my computer from back when I swatched the Neutrogena Lip Sheers, so go check out that post again, as it's been updated.

P.P.P.S. - While we're on the note of finding things, I recently discovered there are actually six Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers eyeshadow duos, not four. Oops. I'll swatch the other two ASAP and update that post as well once I have.

P.P.P.P.S. - Sorry for the gap in posting. I've been really busy and just didn't realize how much time had already passed since my last post! While I'm checking in, I should update you on my progress on the Baroque Challenge. I last weighed myself while at home on a break from school last week and it looked like I'd lost another two pounds, but that was a different scale than the one I normally use so who knows if it's calibrated the same or not. I'll let you know what happens when I weigh myself tomorrow on my normal scale!

Thanks for reading :) hehe...

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