Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My "Baroque" Challenge

Hi again! :)

So, this post is going to break tradition - no swatches or reviews - but I'd love it if you'd read it anyway. The more of you who pay attention to what I have to say here, the better off I'll be, I think.

I have a genetic condition that causes me to have insanely high cholesterol levels, so when I'm not eating right, exercising as much as I should be, and/or am not at a healthy weight, I'm seriously putting myself at risk for cardiovascular disease. I am somewhat overweight right now; my BMI is right in the middle of the "overweight" range. One would think that the health risks associated with staying in my current condition would be enough to scare me into losing weight, but for whatever reason, it can be hard to find the right motivation.

I started seriously trying to lose weight a little over a year ago. Since then, I've lost 26 pounds, but unfortunately, gained 6 of those pounds back in the last couple of months from slacking off. My overall goal has always been to lose a total of 46 pounds, so now I have 26 more to go, since I've lost a net total of 20. 26 is still a lot, though! So I've been looking for good ways to motivate myself to get back on track. I've kicked around the idea of using makeup as a reward for reaching goals along the way because, hey - I like it - but I knew what I was considering (such as "I'm not allowed to purchase any cosmetic-related items until I lose ten pounds") wasn't feasible with the swatching I do, so I'd be unlikely to succeed in that.

Now that that's explained... I was drooling this morning over pictures of an upcoming MAC collection - a rare occurrence these days (not the collections part [!!], but the drooling over them part) - when I realized it comes out exactly eight weeks from today. It's called Baroque Boudoir, and while I'm not usually a total sucker for packaging, it looks mind-bogglingly pretty. (Pictures included are courtesy of And then an idea was born for a realistic but motivating way for me to get back on track!

I'm going to try to lose 10 more pounds between now and when it comes out - that's definitely feasible over an 8-week period. If I succeed, I'm going to allow myself to purchase whichever items I want from that collection; if I fail, I have to limit myself to one item and one item ONLY. (That's to keep this feeling realistic/feasible - but in the latter case, I might actually end up not getting any at all, for fear of feeling ashamed whenever I look at it!)

In order to further motivate myself and eliminate any chance that my lack of self-discipline will screw me over, I'm going to blog about my progress. Put simply: in the event that I fail, there is no way I will be able to just give in and buy what I want anyway when 150+ people are watching me! The "Baroque Challenge" updates won't be constant or lengthy posts (except this one!), but just little mentions at least once a week to let you know where I'm at. I'll keep them unobtrusive for those of you who just want the swatches, but I'm hoping you'll look for them and cheer me on. :)

I think this is the "kick in the pants" I need to get moving and get myself back into shape. If it works, I'm sure I'll be able to come up with another goal to meet after a further ten pounds, or something like that. Lastly, anyone who wants to join me in this challenge (feel free to choose your own reward) is welcome to do so. Thank you!


  1. I know you can do it!!! Those MAC pretties will be yours. Go K!!!!

  2. Good luck!! Cheering for you! :D

    I should really implement some kind of system for myself to get in shape too... I am embarassingly out of breath after walking around campus. ;_;

  3. Hey there

    I am fairly new to your site but I am loving the swatches and reviews! Can I also point out you live in perhaps the best city in the world! I visited Seattle last year after years of dreaming about going and fell in love.

    I am also trying to lose weight (problem is when I lose it I always seem to find it again :-p). I think your idea is a great one and I may just have to join you!



  4. Good luck!

    I wish I could motivate myself this way too!

  5. I love this idea, I wish you the best of luck! (:

  6. you just got to be cruel to be kind...pain now will all pay off later.

    we'll be cheering you on! =)

  7. I have been treating myself with MAC after reaching several goals: I quit smoking, I am studying, losing weight, being more disciplined with my finances, etc. And it works for me.

    And yes, that collection is just plain beautiful.

    You can do it, girl!!!

  8. That's a brilliant idea Good luck!! :)

  9. hi
    i love ur blog....
    i am with you in losing 10 pounds...i need to lose about 40 lbs myself...
    all the best to you.....and i know u can do it....

  10. Great plan and a built in support system when you blog about it. I am doing a similar thing with clothes. Anthropoligie items are my goal.
    Good luck!

  11. I am certain you can do it and I think I am up for the challenge (here's to hoping I dont eat my words!) Good luck to you and watch out wallet! :)

  12. I'm working on losing a bit of weight too, and it is SO HARD to stay motivated. Some weeks I'm really motivated, and some weeks, I gain it back :( Wish you lived near me so we could help keep each other on track!

    Best of luck with losing weight. That collection is totally drool-worthy :)

  13. hey girl! that's great you found motivation! i'm trying to get to my goal by my anniversary on christmas eve! I started last year and lost almost 30 pounds but gained back about 8 while over summer break - vacationing and laziness!. But I'm getting back on track as of 2 weeks ago. I started at 190 last year, got down to 160 by march, up to 168 after summer, but I'm slowly getting back down! At 165 today, trying to get to 135ish by christmas eve! Stay on track girl and definitely post your progress :-)


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