Wednesday, September 30, 2009

L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliners

... and, as a continuation of sorts from my last post, these are the other set of freakin' AWESOME new eyeliners out on the market. I don't want to repeat myself too much, so I'll let you reference the Prestige post, but in short: L'Oreal Extra-Intense eyeliners work in exactly the same way that Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners do, and work just as well on me. I consider the two on an equal plane, and am just grateful to have both around so I have twelve shades to choose from instead of six (well, sort of... there are two blacks and two browns... but whatever).

The only difference that I've observed in the way they apply or wear on me is that the L'Oreal ones set a little faster - more like 30 seconds (or less?) instead of 60 - which, in my opinion, makes them absolutely excellent for tightlining. I have to be picky with regards to which products I can use for that, because if I use anything that doesn't set or dry quickly but is waterproof, it never fails to get on my contact lenses and STAY there, and then I have to throw them out and get a new pair - not so good. So if tightlining with a pencil is what I have in mind, I always reach for my L'Oreal Extra-Intense eyeliners. (I also use them on my waterline and lash line, of course - I just think they're exceptional for tightlining, so that's worth mentioning.) As far as the colors go, I've found I can't really wear Plum because it's too red-based, but those with warmer skin tones could pull it off. I love all the others!

Just in case tightlining is an unfamiliar concept to you and you're completely lost right now, here's my favorite tutorial on it (courtesy of the celebrity MUA Beau Nelson, also known and loved as Ghost on MakeupAlley):

(You can definitely use a creamy pencil in the place of a brush dipped in cream/gel liner. I do it all the time. If you prefer the idea of a cream or gel liner, my favorite for tightlining above all others is Wet 'n' Wild's cream eyeliner, which is $4.)

Anyway. These eyeliners retail for approximately $10 each and are in pretty much all drugstores by this point, from what I've seen. One last note - ignore the "liquid pencil" garbage, please. They're not liquid eyeliners; they're just like any other gel-texture eyeliner pencil, along the lines of the Urban Decay ones, Prestige ones, etc. I don't know who comes up with this crap, but he or she should really lay off the drugs.

Extra-Intense Eyeliners: Black, Bronze, Brown, Emerald, Gray, Plum

Update (12/1/09): It turns out that Bronze, Emerald, and Plum were promotional/limited edition shades that are no longer available in stores. However, Black, Brown, and Gray are now part of the permanent L'Oreal line. For more information on this and instructions on how to contact L'Oreal if you wish to do so, please click here.


  1. Oooooh, bronze and plum are pretty! Thanks!

  2. Bronze looks like MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow. I may just need to pick that eyeliner up!

  3. I bought the brown and black when they first came out and love it! I think they just mean it has the staying power of liquid liner and sort of appears as though you have liquid liner on as opposed to pencil, which it does. The only problem I have with these, are I can't figure out how to sharpen them! :-( I have never had a gel based pencil like this, so if anyone knows how to sharpen these pencils without crumbling, please comment back! :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing that video! It's awesome!

  5. oh gosh, bronze has pretty much capture my heart at this point...

  6. Hi Chels,

    I honestly haven't had a problem with them crumbling when I sharpen them myself, but I'd recommend that you try putting them in the freezer for a little while before you try to sharpen them; I've heard from others who have experienced this problem that doing so can help.


  7. Hello, this is my first time visiting your blog :) Thanks so much for the review. I've been searching endlessly for a good eyeliner for the waterline. Ugh, I ALMOST bought one of these the other day at Walmart...but I got Revlon Colorstay eyeliner instead because it was a couple cents cheaper -_- At Walmart it's about $7-8 btw.

    PS: I've never heard of tightlining before. Thanks for sharing the video!

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