Monday, August 3, 2009

The New L'Oreal H.I.P. Color Chrome Eyeliners and Metallic Eyeshadow Duos

I'm sure by now many of you have seen (and perhaps even tried some of) the new L'Oreal HIP products out in your local drugstores; I've received swatch requests from many of you who have and are curious about their quality. The newest additions to the line include six pencil eyeliners, three new metallic eyeshadow duos, and six matte eyeshadow duos. I haven't been able to pick up the matte duos yet, so for now, we'll have to make do with just the eyeliners and metallic duos.

The Color Chrome Eyeliners fit right in with the latest drugstore trend: pencil eyeliners with a soft, smooth, gel-like texture that "set" to a budge-proof finish after application, in the vein of Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners (please forgive me for perpetually using these as a comparison product - I just can't help but default to them because they're so well known and loved). Other recent contenders are L'Oreal Extra-Intense and Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners, which I'll share swatches of with you soon. For the record, I prefer the Extra-Intense and Total Intensity eyeliners to the Color Chrome ones because both exhibit slightly better staying power and certainly include more wearable colors. Both of those two also seem to like being on my waterline better than the HIP ones do; I can get the HIP ones to stay on my waterline with a bit of effort, but they tend to migrate onto my lash line after a few hours (whereas the other two stay put).

With that said, the new HIP eyeliners definitely aren't bad, and if you like in-your-face-BRIGHT eyeliner, you might want to consider trying a couple. All are shimmery, though the shimmer is more pronounced in Silver Lightning, Gold Charge, and Blue Spark than in the other three. Black Shock looks like a glossy black without shimmer when initially applied, but dries to a matte black with tiny silver sparkles. Green Flash is a bit more olive-toned than it appears in the picture.

Of three new Metallic Duos, Electrified is (predictably) my favorite. It pairs a rich, eggplant-wine color with a gorgeous taupe shade which is, in my opinion, notably unique. I recently went through my entire eyeshadow stash in an effort to purge, and can definitively say that this shade was distinctly different from any of the other 40+ colors I had that could be considered taupe. The other two duos, Shocked and Charged, are equally smooth, pigmented, and blendable - just not really "my colors." Shocked is a golden-yellow paired with a quiet, drab green, and Charged is a fiery copper shade paired with a warm, deep rust shade. To the MAC lovers out there, I'd say that the left side of each of these three duos is comparable in texture to MAC's Starflash finish, and the right side of each is comparable to MAC's Veluxe Pearl finish.

While I haven't seen these available for sale online yet (with the exception of a few eBay auctions), these new additions to the L'Oreal HIP line are available in all the drugstores in my area and have been for a while. The eyeliners retail for $10 each, and the eyeshadow duos seem to pretty consistently go for $8 each. Thanks for reading! :)

HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner: Black Shock, Silver Lightning, Gold Charge, Blue Spark, Green Flash, Violet Volt
HIP Metallic Eyeshadow Duo: Shocked, Electrified, Charged


  1. thanks alot for the swatches!

    the new metallic look fabulous! and for USD8, i think it's a pretty nice price too!

  2. Thanks for the swatches, I want the new metallic eyeliner and duos so bad but they are always out of stock at my local drugstore!

  3. Your new metallic duo swatches are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing. =) Gonna have to go find Charged at some time now lol.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! OMG those eyeliners look gorgeous... too bad they migrate :(

  5. I actually squeal a little bit (to myself of course!) when I see you've put up another post. Before I buy ANYTHING, I always check your blog to see if you've swatched it yet. You have saved me from wasting my money on quite a few things, but also FORCED me to spend it on others (I was helpless in the matter!) Thank you so much for doing these swatches!

  6. Thanks for the swatches!! After seeing Electrified, I knew I had to get it and I finally picked it up on a bogo at Walgreens (the other duo I got was a matte in Dashing, also gorgeous). It was stunning swatched and on my lids, and your description was dead on. I love your blog, thanks so much!!

  7. hi I just subscribed to your swatches! they have been very helpful. thx!

  8. Great swatches! They all look super pretty...
    Come visit my blog, it's open to all makeup-aholics around the globe :)

  9. AMAZING swatches thank u!!! x

  10. These are amazing!!
    I want that Shccked duo. I haven't seen these in my area of Toronto yet. Hoping that I will soon.

    Love your blog!!



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