Friday, July 10, 2009

The 'Squatch is back!

Hi, readers!

Boy, does this feel good - I've missed writing for you all!

Before I dive back into posting regularly again, I want to give you a couple of updates on myself and this blog, as well as ask for your feedback about what you'd like to see more or less of in future posts using a very brief (one page!) anonymous survey.

I'm sure a few of you are wondering what took me so long to get back into blogging. Well, I spent the first half of my hiatus finishing my junior year of college. Since then, I've been doing as much "smelling the roses" as possible - spending time with my family and friends, mostly. My boyfriend and I moved into the city and absolutely love living here. My family even got a new puppy - how cute is he?!

I also turned another hobby of mine into a small business - I've been keeping busy making eco-friendly, custom cosmetic organizers (lipstick holders, etc.) - with a bit of my boyfriend's help. If you're curious or interested, you can check out our website for more information!

Now onto more of the stuff you care about - while I have had a minor case of writer's block over the last few months, my arm has been doing just fine, so I've continued to swatch things whenever I felt compelled over the last few months. Consequently, I've developed a huge stockpile of pictures that I have yet to post for you. Some of the products may have been new and hard-to-find back when I swatched them, but are now old news - so hopefully you can bear with me if you see things you've already seen elsewhere. I assure you I will keep it exciting by showing you something I know you haven't seen before as often as I can!

Lastly, I have put together a ten-question, multiple-choice, anonymous survey to try to better understand what my readers like and dislike, as well as to run a few new ideas I have for the blog by you. It shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete, and I would sincerely appreciate it if you would share your input with me. Thank you!

Please click here to take the survey.

Thank you, and you'll be hearing from me again soon! :)


  1. 1. The puppy is FREAKING ADORABLE!
    2. Congrats on starting your own business - it great to be able to do what you love!!!
    3. So glad you're back blogging again.

  2. So glad to see you back, girl! :D

  3. new puppy = loooooovely!!

    I wish i could have a dog in my house. ^_^

  4. Yay, I'm glad you're back! The puppy is so so cute!

    I've been trying to decide what size lipstick organizer I want, don't know if I want to go bigger or small then my current lip stash (to encourage downsizing, yeck).

  5. just had to say welcome back, seeing as I didn't know you were back til now!
    Love the swatches you provide :)
    Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us^^


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