Monday, July 20, 2009

CoverGirl TruShine Lipsticks: Medium Skin Tones

One of my personal favorite drugstore lip products are CoverGirl TruShine lipsticks, in part because they're smooth and moisturizing on the lips and in part because there is such a huge variety of wonderful shades to choose from - 24, to be exact. Each shade has a corresponding number (I've swatched them in numerical order); in theory, the first eight are supposed to be most complementary to fair skin tones, the second eight for medium skin tones, and the last eight for deep skin tones. I think CoverGirl should get some credit for this effort, as I did find that I liked more shades from the "fair" range on my lips than from medium or deep. With that said, I think lipstick color selection is all about personal preference, and anyone could find shades they love in all three color ranges.

In an hour of insanity, I decided to do lip swatches of every single one of these shades, so in order to not bombard you with too many pictures, I'm breaking my post on the TruShine lipsticks up into three parts: the shades intended for fair skin, medium skin, and deep skin. Remember, though, that there's no rule saying you have to stay within some prescribed color spectrum!

CoverGirl TruShines retail for $5-7 each, depending on the store, and are available at almost all drugstores (though some stores have fewer than the full 24 shades available, unfortunately). I don't notice a scent with these. The wear is about average - I have to reapply after eating, drinking, etc., but not more than once every few hours otherwise - and, as I mentioned, they are exceptionally moisturizing. I think the fact that I was able to do lip swatches of 24 of these in an hour with no irritation is a great testament to A) how gentle the TruShines are on lips, and B) how totally awesome Neutrogena Night Calming makeup remover wipes, which I use for all my swatching endeavors, are. (More on those later - I plan to make a post on all my all-time favorite products at some point, and I assure you they'll make another appearance then!)

Finally, here are your CoverGirl TruShine lipsticks for medium skin tones. On myself, I found Raspberry Shine to be the most flattering, and I felt very "Marilyn Monroe" in Valentine Shine:

TruShine Lipstick: Rosy Shine, Hot Pink Shine, Lilac Shine, Raspberry Shine, Plum Shine, Peach Shine, Nude Shine, Valentine Shine


  1. I love these!!! Great review :D

  2. I love all these! Thanks!
    I'm totally going to pick a few of these up.

  3. I sure wish Peach Shine showed up like that on me! On my lips it looked clear! I was so sad! :(

  4. Do any of these (from any category) make your teeth look yellow or discolored?

  5. Marie - I apologize, but I don't recall whether specific ones did. However, you can pretty much always trust that more blue-based lipsticks (cool pinks, reds, etc.) will make teeth look whiter. Hope that helps!


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