Monday, July 13, 2009

Chantecaille Brilliant Glosses

I know many of you think of me as primarily a "drugstore girl," but I would consider myself more of an equal-opportunity makeup lover. I'm always on the lookout for great values, but I must admit that there are several high-end products out there that completely rock my socks. In fact, they rock them so hard that I would even tell drugstore-makeup lovers that yes, they're worth the money.

Chantecaille Brilliant Glosses are one of these products.

I should say up front that I don't think they're for everyone. They come in sleek, classy-looking tubes, wear wonderfully, and have a texture to die for, but they ARE very sheer. If you're the kind of person who has pigmented lips and prefers highly pigmented/opaque glosses - the kind where the color on your lips is the exact same as the one in the tube - these may not be for you. (And to those people, I'm happy to point you toward Chantecaille's more pigmented potted glosses... although there's another group of us entirely that hates potted lip gloss... sigh.)

If you're a loyal reader, though, you probably already know that I love sheer lip products; most colors more than a few shades away from my natural lip color make me feel like a stranger in my own skin. I also care way more about being comfortable than perfect - I'd rather wear plain lip balm than a deep matte red on my lips with the iconic "little black dress" (ignoring the fact that I don't even own one), however sultry the red may be, and good luck catching me in heels more than ten days a year. For this reason, I perpetually gravitate toward glossy, sheer, moisturizing, non-sticky lip products, and Chantecaille Brilliant Glosses are just that. They look and feel absolutely luxurious on my lips - more so than any other lip product I've ever used - and yes, I really do mean that. I can also say with absolute certainty, given the current state of my lip gloss collection, that Charisma, Glee, Modern, and Sweet will collectively be the first four full-size lip glosses that I completely use up from start to finish. These lip glosses even pass the boyfriend test - he unfailingly tells me that my lips either look "juicy" or "kissable" whenever I wear one.

A few other notes: these don't seem to have a noticeable scent to me - they do smell faintly sweet, but not overly so. They're $28 each (I can just hear your wallets wincing - don't worry, mine's in the chorus too), or about $22 each if you get them in kits (a trio of three full-sized ones for $68, six half-sized ones for $65, etc.). Chantecaille is notoriously hard to find in-person, in my experience, but is available from a variety of sources online. You can see the results of a price comparison search for Chantecaille Brilliant Glosses here on If you prefer to purchase "from the source," your best bet is probably Chantecaille's website, which has free shipping on all orders through August 12 (and a store locator if you'd like to try these in-person first and happen to have a counter nearby - ha!). With that said, to be honest, I wouldn't hesitate to direct you to eBay. I know not everyone's comfortable with this option, but I've gotten most of the Chantecaille products I own from there at great prices, and it's all authentic; I get the impression that Chantecaille has a small enough market that it either hasn't popped up on the radar of scammers yet or they just don't think it would be worth their time to counterfeit the products.

Last but not least, I want to mention that KarlaSugar, talented friend and blogger extraordinaire, is also posting her own swatches of Chantecaille lip glosses this week, in addition to my lip swatches. I was only able to swatch the glosses in my own collection for you today, but I believe she has all of the ones currently available from Chantecaille in her pictures. Karla, thank you for sharing this with me!

Um, I think I've babbled enough now. I guess this is what four months of college finals and then writer's block does to a person! Without futher ado, here are your pictures. Sorry about the different lighting on the picture of Charisma; I acquired that one after I took the pictures with the rest of them.

Brilliant Gloss: Allure, Charisma, Charm, Elation, Glee, Love, Mirth, Modern, Sweet


  1. Wow, they do look like fantastic glosses - I typically have a really hard time getting glosses to look even on my lips. Allure looks beautiful on you!

  2. Hey you are back - awesome! Love the swatches, I have been curious to see what they look like on the lips. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great pics! The glosses are lovely! I've been hunting on the web to try to find the ingredient you know it by chance? I love Charm, Mirth and Sweet. So natural and gorgeous.

  4. wow. great review! apparently angelina jolie wore this lip gloss last night at the golden globes. any idea what color? looks like maybe charm?

  5. Hi Katie,

    I'm not sure, and I have read that Charm is one of her favorites, but based on this up-close-and-personal pic I found ( I'd guess it's maybe Love or Mirth over a cool pink lipstick/liner.


  6. The one she used is "Love" :D yay! Which is now sold out everywhere!


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