Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gabriel Lipsticks

I realize that most of you may have never heard of Gabriel Cosmetics. As a brief introduction, it is a company based in Bellevue, WA that is committed to being vegan, cruelty-free, and lead-free, and whose products are almost all produced in the United States. They also produce the slightly more well-known line, ZuZu Luxe, which I hope to also be able to swatch some of in the near future.

I found myself wanting to check Gabriel's lipsticks out after seeing a few LOTD pics by the lovely sixxmum on MakeupAlley. I had trouble tracking them down at first; there is a store locator on their website, but it includes businesses (such as Whole Foods) that are willing to special order Gabriel products but do not necessarily carry testers or the products in-store. If you'd like to look for these yourself, I'd encourage you to start with the store locator and call the stores that come up in your area to confirm that they have the products in stock. If this is not possible for you, these lipsticks can also be purchased from the Gabriel Cosmetics website (as linked earlier) or from White Rabbit Beauty, which also sells $1.00 samples of each color (very cool!). Gabriel lipsticks are currently 25% off on their website (they start at $15.25, so are now $11.44) and sell for $11.20 from White Rabbit Beauty. I was at my local PCC checking these out today, where they were normally $14 and on sale for $10 and change. It sounds like their prices aren't completely standardized, in any case.

These are very nice lipsticks - smooth, even, pretty, and a fantastic variety of colors. I think my favorite thing of all is that Gabriel Cosmetics actually states on their website which colors are cool, neutral, and warm, making color selection a total no-brainer for those of us who at least know what our own coloring is. And they appear to know what they're talking about: even on my arm, I thought Taupe would NOT look good on me, but as soon as I tried it on my lips, I relented; I may have to go back for this shade tomorrow. I keep looking at my own LOTD picture and falling more in love with it! What a pretty nude. :)

Here are their color descriptions (taken from this page):

Clay - crème; muted brownish plum
Currant - crème; stained red wine
Dune - frost; soft pink, silver undertone
Maple Shimmer - shimmer; muted berry
Matte Cerise - crème; mauve brown
Matte Rose - matte; red chili pepper
Matte Spice - crème; brown berry
Mauve - crème; berry pink
Pomegranate - crème; pomegranate seed, deep red
Raisin - crème; burgundy wine
Rosewood - crème; peachy pink
Sheer Pink - crème; dark bubble gum pink
Sheer Rose - crème; orange pink
Taupe - crème; honey beige pink
Velour - frost; mid-tone plum
Wild Orchid - frost; pink rose with gold frost

Aurora - frost; bronze frost
Nude - sheer; flesh tone with iridescent pearl

Copper Glaze - frost; sandy pink
Salmon - crème; Northwest smoked salmon
Santa Fe - crème; red/orange
Seashell - frost; dark peach with gold frost
Tea Rose - matte; orange red
Walnut - crème; red brown

One last note: forgive me for getting the colors out of order in my swatches! You may have noticed that I try to keep things in alphabetical order when I can; well, I'm a goof, and I accidentally moved the lipsticks around while swatching so Pomegranate was in the wrong place. I do know that "P" should be coming after "N" in these, not "S"... :)

Lipsticks: Aurora, Clay, Copper Glaze, Currant, Dune, Maple Shimmer, Matte Cerise, Matte Rose, Matte Spice, Mauve, Nude, Pomegranate, Raisin, Rosewood, Salmon, Santa Fe, Seashell, Sheer Pink, Sheer Rose, Taupe, Tea Rose, Velour, Walnut, Wild Orchid


  1. Awesome swatches - lemmings created lol!

  2. Yay! Thanks for swatching and reviewing a "green" cosmetics line; they don't get much attention. I have recently switched to using healthier, safer makeup, and I'm finding that it's very difficult to find information on the different organic companies out there.

  3. Ooo, I may need to take a walk down to the PCC to check these out :)

    How is the texture? Do they have that grainy beeswax feel that so many green lippies have?

  4. Wow, those are some gorgeous, vibrant colors! I wish all companies divided their products into cool/warm/neutral. :/ And how great to find an ethical company besides!

    Hey, did you disappear on MUA?!

  5. These are great! Are you going to swatch any of their other products, like eyeshadows?

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Naturalstate: the texture is lovely, actually - not grainy or beeswax-y at all. But from what I understand, all the stores that carry them also have testers, so you can try for yourself as well!

    Hannah: yep, the mods appear to have deleted me. I've contacted Hara and am hoping to be reinstated... :( not too happy about that, let me tell you! You know where to contact me, anyway...

    Steve: I hope to, as time permits! It may not happen immediately, though. I do really like their shadows, though, so I will definitely try!

  7. Thanks for these! I have Sheer Rose, which on me is neither sheer nor rose but the perfect wearable bright fuchsia. love it!

  8. These swatches are amazing! I just reviewed Gabriel Cosmetics, so I posted up a link to your swatches on my review here:

    I hope you don't mind!


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