Thursday, February 12, 2009

L'Oreal H.I.P. Metallic Eye Shadow Duos

So, given that it's been... er... a long time since I swatched the "regular" H.I.P. duos, I figured I might as well give these their own post. There are also a lot of pictures, and there were a lot of pictures in the first post too, so hopefully this is less overwhelming than putting them all together.

Let me start by saying that I was only so-so on the original duos, but these Metallics are truly in a league of their own. Every single one of the colors is unique, and these shadows are definitely not lower quality than your average high-end shadow; in fact, they're better than most I've seen. The pictures aren't 100% true to color because the lighting in my room has a slightly yellowish tint, so it might be hard to see this yourself, but the two shades in Gunmetal, when blended together, look just like MAC's Greensmoke shadow. The difference is that Greensmoke goes on sheer and difficult to blend, whereas Gunmetal is much more buttery. And you get two shadows in one ;-) I really like to blend these together for a look and top it off by lining my lash line with the darker shade and/or my waterline with the lighter shade (using a sealant to increase visibility, of course).

Gilded and Platinum are easily the most dramatic of the two; the gold shade in Gilded and the silver shade in Platinum are extremely vivid, visible colors that feel and wear like a pressed MAC pigment with metallic tones (along the lines of Copper or Silver Fog). When I had them on my fingertips, they were harder to get off than the others; they almost melted into my skin and coated it like paint - it was fascinating.

In any case: I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the five to anyone. If you think the colors look appealing, it's not unlikely that they're "your colors" (we tend to gravitate toward what looks best on us, in my experience), so they're worth checking out.

Enjoy the pictures :)

Eye Shadow Duo: Sculpted, Magnetic, Gunmetal, Gilded, Platinum


  1. I love all your swatches, it's hard to know the color and your site is very informative!!!! Keep them coming!!!!

  2. Sculpted looks SO radically different on you than it does on me!! Wow! But now I really want the rest. sigh. Your blog makes me buy stuff!

  3. Well thanks, now I *need* platinum and gunmetal :P

  4. what kind of sealant do you use on your waterline?

  5. Thanks everyone! Arbeedee, I currently am using La Femme Cake Eyeliner Sealer because it's what I have lying around, but there are a ton of great sealant products. I actually really like to use Blink Tears for Moderate to Dry Eye eye drops because they have a more gel-like consistency, which makes them easier to work with; good old Visine also works, as do the many "sealant" products out there. Sephora alone carries several brands that make one - MUFE, TF, UD, BE, and so on...

  6. when you say sealants like visine, etc... does that mean mix it w/ the shadow and you can use it on your waterline?

    beautiful colors! i'm a die hard MAC fan, but plan on buying these now.

  7. Yes, add a drop of sealant on top of the eyeshadow and then dip an eyeliner brush into the damp spot. Whether or not a product works on your waterline in that sort of situation will depend on your own eyes (it'll work for some and not for others), but you can try.

  8. Why didn't u include a picture of yourself wearing gilded?


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