Saturday, January 10, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette

In pawing through swatches on Makeupalley and elsewhere recently, I came to the conclusion that while there is a wealth of good pictures and helpful reviews of the Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette, there aren't really any good swatches. So, of course, I decided to remedy this problem.

I'm neglecting my poor DBF right now, so I'll keep this short and sweet by limiting myself to a few key points:
  1. I love the Book of Shadows. I use it more than any other palette I own (including my custom ones); you can create some fabulous color combinations, and the texture and payoff of UD shadows is truly unbeatable, in my opinion. They're simply the best.
  2. People have complained about the ridiculous packaging of this palette. I agree that the crazy cardboard drawer system with silly pop-ups is more than a little useless and annoying. With that said, I get REALLY tired of people complaining about it, because it's so easily fixable - just remove the drawer from the outer packaging entirely, and keep it that way. I did that the day I bought it and haven't regretted it for a moment. When I want to keep it protected for travel, I put it in a big Ziploc bag. Seriously.
  3. Yes, Sidecar and Gridlock look as similar in real life as they do in the pictures. They're both gorgeous shades, but not far from being the same color, so I'm not really sure why UD included both in this palette.
  4. Grifter and Midnight Cowboy are too glittery, to the point of being chunky. I don't use these two at all.
  5. My favorite shades in this palette are Shakedown (which, by the way, is as close of a dupe to Lancome's Erika F. as I've ever seen), Protest, Shattered, Smog, and Gridlock.
  6. A few fun color combinations I've come up with and loved so far:
  • Gridlock + Smog
  • Shattered + Absinthe + Mayhem + Goddess
  • Scandal + Last Call + Perversion
  • and many more..
One last note of interest: I spoke with a CS rep at Urban Decay to check on this because their website does not specify whether the shades exclusive to this palette are vegan or not. She informed me that in this palette, the following shades ARE vegan: Absinthe, Baked, Goddess, Perversion, Protest, Roach, Shakedown, Shattered, and Smog. Gridlock, Grifter, Last Call, Mayhem, Midnight Cowboy, Scandal, and Sidecar are NOT vegan.

Book of Shadows:
Perversion, Last Call, Grifter, Mayhem, Baked, Smog, Sidecar, Gridlock, Shakedown, Roach, Scandal, Midnight Cowboy, Goddess, Shattered, Absinthe, Protest


  1. Wow, another fantastic review..
    This palette looks fabulous. I am not too familiar with this book itself, but I am with some of the shadows.
    I wouldn't have guessed that midnight cowboy and grifter were that glittery.
    These colors are really beautiful.
    I think it is a great selection-especially goddess, protest, and mayhem & shattered (those last 2 prob wouldn't work on me though).
    I too love UD shadows in general.
    This is going to be very helpful for people that are searching for these swatches.

  2. You know, I would have thought that Mayhem and Shattered wouldn't work for me either, but when blended and layered well they look LOVELY! Worth a try, for sure :)

  3. Awesome swatches! Some look so awesome, some just would not work for me at all, that's for sure. I haven't seen such a great collection of swatches from this palette, great job!


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