Friday, January 16, 2009

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners

So, here are my thoughts on these:

1. So many of them are so gorgeous that I don't know what to do with myself except squirm a little.
2. They have fantastic staying power (took FOREVER to get the stripes off my arm!).
3. They are appropriately priced for their quality and the quantity that comes in each pot ($21 each).
4. I can't recall ever hearing a reasonable argument against them (i.e., never seen a bad review that didn't essentially just say "this suxxx").
5. The brush that the BB SA suggested I use on them (incidentally, also the brush depicted above) sucks bigtime (see messy swatches for evidence of this). Go for a fine or angled eyeliner brush, please; if you want a smudged line, use a smudge brush afterward. This brush gives a messy, uneven line that's hard to fix or make it look "correctly" smudged. I know smudging isn't supposed to be perfect, but think of it as the ponytail that's messy in an "I need a shower" way, not a "check-me-out sexy" way.
6. Don't trust the names and assume that a lack of the word "shimmer" in the title means there's no shimmer. Violet Ink does have shimmer in real life. On that note, Indigo Ink does NOT have shimmer, as it appears to in the swatch; unfortunately, I think the shimmer present in that swatch was probably residue left on the brush from the previous swatch. (The SA was getting rude and impatient with me by this point and had decided that instead of letting me wash the brush myself between uses, she should take it from me and wipe it with a dry tissue instead.)
7. My favorites were Violet Ink, Chocolate Shimmer Ink, Graphite Shimmer Ink, Sapphire Shimmer Ink, Cobalt Ink, Ivy Shimmer Ink, and Black Mauve Ink. I find the shimmery ones way more enticing than the matte ones, partially because I enjoy some amount of shimmer (and none of the shimmery ones are too over the top except maybe the Bronze - the Stila Bronze Smudge Pot is a better alternative), but mostly because I found the majority of the matte liners to be far less vibrant in color than the shimmer ones. With that said, I also find them to be rather sophisticated in appearance, so they would probably be perfect for the daytime, 9-5 look.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner: Black Mauve Shimmer Ink, Indigo Ink, Graphite Shimmer Ink, Ivy Shimmer Ink, Chocolate Shimmer Ink, Sapphire Shimmer Ink, Bronze Shimmer Ink, Black Plum Ink, Espresso Ink, Granite Ink, Hunter Ink, Violet Ink, Cobalt Ink, Sepia Ink, Black Ink


  1. Love these, they are so pretty I just never know how to use colorful e/ls....

  2. Again you have outdone yourself! I only have one of these (Espresso) and love it. You have just created more lemmings!

  3. Bananarchy (I LOVE your screen name, by the way!!!), we can try to help! Do you mean that you have trouble applying them? Or knowing what other colors to pair them with? Or something else...?

    Angelyshis, I love you forever :D Aren't they beautiful?!

  4. Awesome swatches! I'd never have the guts to do that at a counter, I'd feel like I had to buy them all! This actually made me decide to pull out one of my bb liners for tomorrow. I think I've used almost nothing but mac's teddy for the past 3 months, so really, it's time for a change! And don't pass judgement on the brush too quickly, it works really well for a super fine line.

    If you're taking product suggestions, I'd love to see swatches of Sally Hansen Naturals (Carmindy stuff). This line hasn't come to Canada yet but looks really interesting. Blushes and shadows would be awesome, but anything would be good!

  5. weener_d/bananarchy here my deal is what other colors to pair them with. I just don't know how pull pull off much other than my usual black

  6. Chelsea - thank you! Perhaps we're thinking of two different brushes... the one this SA offered to me couldn't have created a fine line to save its hairy little life (and I tried, too!). And I am always taking suggestions - will add those to the list :) Are your requests for Carmindy stuff and blushes and shadows separate, or one and the same? (As in, you're just throwing out general ideas, or you'd specifically like to see the Carmindy blushes and shadows?) Thanks!

    Bananarchy - if the trouble is branching out, try pairing some of the colors with coordinating neutral shadows and matte contour colors to even out the lid and enhance your natural look... just advance from there until you're comfortable enough to "go for broke" with new looks :) as far as finding coordinating colors, you can't really go wrong if you keep a look in the same tone family (i.e., all cool colors, warm colors, whatever works for you). I'd encourage you to post practice EOTDs on the makeup board on MUA, let people know you're looking for help/suggestions/advice, etc., and ask for constructive criticism... that has REALLY helped me in the past and is still helping me improve my technique today! :)

  7. Hi Kristina,

    I bet the brush she gave you was one that had seen better days! I've noticed that at BB counters before. I don't know if they're just allocated one set of brushes for the life of the counter or if they're poor quality to start off with, but their brushes are always splayed beyond belief. Mine is still tightly compact and gives a great line. It looks just like the one in the promo image above, but with a slightly smaller head (I think the one above looks larger due to photo distortion).

    I guess I could have worded my request better! I'm hoping for Carmindy swatches, particularly the blush and shadows.

    Thanks again for the awesome site, keep up the good work!

  8. Love the picture of all of the Bobbi Brown eyeliners. It's helping me determine which color to buy. Wish you could do a similar picture with the long wear cream eyeshadows in shimmer (BB).
    Question for you: Which pointedfine eyeliner brush do you suggest for applying the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner?

  9. Thanks for the great comparison swatches. You just helped me make a purchase! :-)

  10. Hi, what color would you recommend for brown eyes? Nice swatches btw :)


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